Moyer Foundation Kicks Off Cure for Cancer Campaign

Wanted to pass this along …

The Moyer Foundation announced its 7th annual Catch a Cure for Cancer campaign. Catch a Cure for Cancer is a community-lead fundraising campaign to raise awareness and funds for early cancer detection research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Washington, a world leader in cancer research, prevention and treatment. This year’s campaign has special meaning to Karen Moyer, as her father, Digger Phelps, was diagnosed and underwent successful treatment for prostate cancer. Phelps is currently an ESPN analyst.

The Moyer Foundation and the Hutchinson Center team up annually to encourage the community to organize and participate in special events and activities throughout the month of August including fundraisers, online donations, dinners, auctions and more.

A special 12-hour radiothon sponsored by soft music station, WARM 106.9 FM in Washington will be hosted by Karen Moyer, co-founder of The Moyer Foundation and will be held today from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. PST. All of the proceeds will support The Gregory Fund, a special fund completely dedicated to early cancer detection research at the Hutchinson Center.

To learn more about how you can help, information is available by calling 206.298.1217 or by visiting


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Congratulations to the 2010 NL East Champion Atlanta Braves. Good luck running Billy Wagner out there in the ninth inning of playoff games.

It’s about time for somebody to “Catch A Cure” for this crappy baseball the Phillies are playing.

Sometimes the “Cure” requires amputation. I suggest the Phillies start with getting rid of Charlie so that they too can survive.

Yeah Wagner really sucks, that 1.68 ERA and 30 saves are just horrible. Especially when you compare it to the stud, Brad Lidge, coming off a season ERA of 7.21 and having a ******** 17 saves this year. I think his WS ERA last year was 27.00. Nice clutch number.

Todd, thanks for relaying all that information about Jamie and his charity work.

billreeferwagner, go away…

First four game sweep by an opponent in the history of CBP. Looks like Howard and Utley would have been better off shedding their rust in the minors because the team was on a roll before they came back.
The pitchers are generally doing their job outside of Kendrick (1-3 with a 6.00+ ERA since being called back up), so if the offene can crank it up like they usually do in September it should be interesting.

phan52 or moving them down in the lineup until they get their legs under them.

here is my fun lineup for tonight.
better luck tonight team phils

It seems ironic that the Phillies were on a roll with a patchwork offense which seems to have been playing a good version of small-ball. Now it seems that only Polanco is engaging in situational hitting. While others may do it from time to time it appears more accidental than deliberate. Other than Polanco, it seems that to a man all of the other Phillies are going for the long ball every at-bat. I don’t exempt Utley from this charge either. In fact as time goes on, I am beginning to believe he is as much a head case as Werth.

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