Hugs for Everybody!

rollins.gifMike Sweeney
loves to share the love.

“He is definitely one of a kind,” Jimmy Rollins said. “He likes to give a lot of hugs. A lot of hugs. He gave me a hug after his home run. Usually it’s you trying to initiate the hug. I was going to give him a handshake and he’s like, ‘Give me a hug.’ All right.”

“He can give you some hugs,” Charlie Manuel said. “He’s got a lot of energy, which is great. He’s good for our bench. He’s good for our clubhouse. Most of all, he’s good when he’s in the batter’s box.”

Sweeney hit a two-run homer to left field in the seventh inning in a 5-0 victory today over the Padres. It was his first homer with the Phillies. He has hit .238 (10-for-42) with one double, one homer and six RBIs in 17 games with the Phillies, who acquired him Aug. 4 in a trade with the Mariners. He came to the team with an incredible reputation and has lived up to it. He has come up with some big hits, too.

I took a shot after the game and asked Sweeney about the hugging.

“I grew up in a family with eight kids, so there was a lot of hugging going on,” he said. “I love my teammates, so when we do something good that’s just how I’m wired. I want to share that love with my teammates.”

Told that his teammates really seemed to like his energy, he said, “I appreciate that. These guys mean a lot to me. I want to do whatever I can to be a part of this.”


The .GIF above courtesy of DHM because without him, we’d just have to imagine the hugs. (Can’t find any photos of them on the Internet.)


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norma48 ………You shameless hussy.

I’ll take a hug from Mike Sweeney, any time! 😉

Okay in the dugout and the clubhouse, maybe. Not so good in the showers…

Is that Chase Utley smiling in the background?? Ya don’t see that everyday!! Mike Sweeney is a breath of fresh air!! I’m so happy he’s in Philly!!

Keep up the hugging Mike!!

That WAS Chase, smiling! LOL!

On the broadcast I counted 5 hugs… Dom Brown, Werth, Victorino, Rollins and Pete Mackanin. It also looked like he was about to slap the ump’s butt right after the HR but TV cut away. Love this guy.

Domonic Brown gets some Sweeney love after his huge HR in this video.

Everybody hugs! (Woo hoo!)

In all seriousness, though, the amount of positive energy this guy brings to the team is so invigorating. Watching the post-game interview (and subsequently listening to it in the car on the way to dinner) made me so glad that this guy is on our team. Such a nice guy who understands and respects his position and wants to do all he can to contribute. He truly seems to LOVE this team and it’s freaking contagious. I hope he’s pleasantly rewarded in the postseason.

This guy can hug me anytime…he is like a giant teddy bear. And anyone who can solicite a smile out of Utley is a genius. Last year, I suggested hug therapy for the Phillies and people thought I was nuts (ok, I am a tad nuts). But see what a bunch of positive energy can do? Nice.


I guess after having a pretty good career in virtual obscurity, Sweeney is excited to finally play and contribute in meaningful games. His postgame interview (attached) was awesome.

I was particularly pleased to see the Man hug between Sweeney, the older veteran guy trying to win just once before he retires and Domonic Brown the athletic young rookie guy who is new and just trying to break in . It says a lot about BOTH guys , the respect they have for each other and the way all of these guys PULL FOR each other despite being in different career circumstances. In a tough series under pressure, THAT kind of clubhouse feeling can make a big positive difference.

A bit off topic but I joined the Phillies Fan Club. Included was a subscription to MLB games on radio. Great stuff. Apparently no such thing as blackouts as I understand is not the case with You get to hear the broadcast from either team or in Spanish. And for Phillies fans the added bonus of only minimum exposure to McCarthy, Wheels or Matthews droning on and on. Did I mention, also, that it is cheap.

pherris: For once, we agree on something. Listening to the games in Spanish is preferable to listening to McCarthy’s droning or Wheeler’s pompous opinions. The other night, he told us that we “might not know who Adrian Gonzalez is.” Really? Gee Chris, you’re so much smarter than us dopey viewers. Thanks for illuminating us and making up those player conversations in your head – and spewing them out over the air for us to enjoy. I especially enjoy your condescending chuckle at the end of each one. You’re so “inside.” Usted es un genio del bisbol.

I made a Facebook page for Sweeney: “I Want A Hug From Mike Sweeney” –
Werth has a page for his beard; this was only fair ;o)


Sometimes I wish I could speak/understand Spanish. It would be fun to every once in awhile listen to Danny Martinez. His HR call for Ibanez are classics.

Thanks for making that FB page, Jenn! I already joined it! LOL!

Ouch, you guys are talking about Facebook, guys giving hugs and anything but baseball. I guess I might be doing that too, if I was playing that way, but I thought you guys were like, die hard fans. Sounds a little fluffy to me. 3 games up and counting. Go Braves.

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