Offense Shows A Flash

victorino 0906 2010.jpg

The Phillies showed they still have some life in their bats last night in Game 2 of a doubleheader against the Marlins.

They have averaged 4.59 runs per game this season, which surprisingly ranks fifth in the National League. They led the league in runs per game in 2009, averaging 5.06. They ranked second in 2008, averaging 4.93. They ranked first in 2007 (5.51) and 2006 (5.34) and second in 2005 (4.98). You have to go back to 2002 to find a Phillies offense that averaged fewer runs than the 2010 Phillies. The 2002 Phillies ranked seventh in the league, averaging 4.41 runs per game.

This is what the Phillies offense is — it’s the first week of September, not the first week of June — so nights when they score one or two runs should no longer be a surprise. In the past the offense carried the Phillies into the postseason. But unless something dramatic happens the final month of the season, pitching is going to have to carry them into the postseason this year. 


Charlie Manuel dropped Jimmy Rollins to fifth in the lineup in Game 2. Rollins has been struggling lately, and for much of the season. According to, Rollins has hit line drives only 16.8 percent of the time this season, the lowest level of his career. He has hit infield pop flys 10.5 percent of the time. That is lower than 2008 (11.8 percent) and 2009 (13.7 percent), but higher than his 2007 MVP season (7.5 percent).


Vance Worley pitched OK in Game 1, but did he pitch good enough to bump Kyle Kendrick from the rotation? Manuel and Rich Dubee are down on Kendrick after the way he pitched Prince Fielder on Sunday, so it will be very interesting to see what they do.


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Kendrick apparently defied Chooch and Charlie, who wanted him to pitch around Fielder, and threw a batting practice pitch instead. I don’t know why they were surprised, as that is his best pitch.
Worley>>Kendrick. Kendrick is a quitter. I hope Kendrick is buried so deep that we never see him again. He certainly shouldn’t be on any postseason roster.

Put me down as rather seeing Worley pitch in Kendrick’s next turn. Kendrick’s comments about how well he thinks he pitches after every bad outing are enough to sway my vote.

pherris, I don’t think I’m being harsh on Kendrick. I doubt he defied them on purpose, but a MLB pitcher is supposed to have better command than that. I could understand if he was trying to get Fielder out and it got away, but you just can’t miss like that when your objective is to make him chase something out of the zone. I was watching when it happened and I was shocked at how hittable that pitch was under the circumstance, with first base open.
And now we appear to have an option in Worley, who at least will battle . So young Kyle can watch from now on.

Put me down for Worley. I’d rather see his bespectled face on the mound than have to endure another Kendrick outing.

phan52 are you being to harsh on young Kyle in the sense that maybe the pitch got away from him or is there a good indication he did what the h-e-l-l he wanted to do and everyone else be d-a-m-n-e-d? I wasn’t paying that close attention. Far, far too much dumb pitching with young pitchers. Probably an ego thing. Look at Hanson and Jurrjens on the Braves. Fantastic stuff through 100 pitches except that is usually about 5 innings work for them.

Is it just me or does the hitting approach of J-Roll and Victorino never change? There hands are always on the end of the bat and they always seem to be going for the fences. They never appear to choke up and adapt to the situation.

pherris, sometimes high pitch counts are a result of pitching smart. They won’t give in to good hitters and they try to get them to chase, then they concentrate on getting out the lesser hitters. Kendrick doesn’t have that makeup and never will because he knows that there is no difference between hitters when it comes to his stuff. It probably scared the hell out of him to semi-intentionally load the bases. He can’t afford to let runners on base because they all can hit his stuff when his sinker isn’t working, which sadly appears to be all the time now.
You have to have either ‘stuff’ or confidence to pitch in MLB, and young Kyle appears to have neither.

My vote is for Worley. Kendrick has had plenty of chances to step up and show he can do this job on a consistent basis…he has been on a down slide most of August which has flowed over into September. It is time to give someone else a shot.


I have a great idea ! In the offseason, the Phils can trade Kyle to the WhiteSox for Freddie Garcia. Then Kyle can go on to win 15-20 games for the the WhiteSox. And the Phils can pay Freddie $10 million for one win in 2011……….

Kyle Kendrick is no Gavin Floyd. Floyd was a high draft pick with great stuff, but had difficulty on the ML level with is confidence. The Phillies gave up on him way too soon. As I said before, Kendrick is without both stuff and confidence and the Phillies have given him enough chances already.

phan52 you are really a knowledgeable fan in many respects but you just allow your a-s-s to override your brain too often. Why is it that the Phillies can do no wrong when it comes to trading the farm system for a Halladay or an Oswalt or a Lee but when it comes down to a Gavin Floyd for a bust like Freddie Garcia all of a sudden the Phillies gave up too soon on Gavin Floyd. As you yourself have so often described it, Floyd was a prospect and you trade a prospect like Floyd for an established player like Garcia any day of the week. But, this is baseball, a sure thing is never a sure thing until after the fact. All I am saying is you can’t have it both ways.

pherris, you don’t know what you are talking about. There was a consensus among baseball people that Gavin Floyd was an exceptional talent with the ability to be a top-of-rotation guy. And he was no longer a ‘prospect’, as he had 19 starts over three years in MLB.
And to even try to compare Freddy Garcia with either Halladay or Oswalt is laughable. I won’t embarrass you by posting their comparative stats here, but I suggest you look them up. I know that you will never give Amaro any credit, but the fact is that the Phillies are probably the prohibitive favorites to make the WS again this year because of the deals that Amaro made for those two guys, and they never make it last year without Lee. Why not try to enjoy their current success instead of angsting about 2014. You are such a whiner.

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