Projecting the Rotation

The Phillies have not said if Kyle Kendrick, Vance Worley or Nate Robertson will be pitching Saturday against the Mets at Citi Field.

We know Roy Halladay is pitching Friday and Roy Oswalt is pitching Sunday. That keeps the Phillies in position to set up their rotation so Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels face the Braves in both three-game series against them later this month. Here is how the Phillies could setup their rotation. Days of rest are in parentheses. Four-days rest is normal rest. Five-days rest is an extra day of rest:

  • Monday at FLA: Joe Blanton (5)
  • Tuesday at FLA: Cole Hamels (5)
  • Wedneday at FLA: Roy Halladay (4)
  • Sept. 16: OFF
  • Sept. 17 vs. WASH: Roy Oswalt (4)
  • Sept. 18 vs. WASH: Kendrick, Worley or Robertson (6)
  • Sept. 19 vs. WASH: Blanton (5)
  • Sept. 20 vs. ATL: Hamels (5)
  • Sept. 21 vs. ATL: Halladay (5)
  • Sept. 22 vs. ATL: Oswalt (4)
  • Sept. 23: OFF
  • Sept. 24 vs. NYM: Blanton (4)
  • Sept. 25 vs. NYM: Kendrick, Worley or Robertson (6)
  • Sept. 26 vs. NYM: Hamels (5)
  • Sept. 27 at WASH: Halladay (5)
  • Sept. 28 at WASH: Oswalt (5)
  • Sept. 29 at WASH: Blanton (4)
  • Sept. 30: OFF
  • Oct. 1: Hamels (4)
  • Oct. 2: Halladay (4)
  • Oct. 3: Oswalt (4)

The way this sets up, no Phillies pitcher will have to pitch on short rest down the stretch. It also gives the big guns most of the starts with the fifth starter getting just three.


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Hey Todd, good article, but don’t you think the Phillies will flip flop Hamels and Halladay going into the first Braves series? Halladay would be on normal rest and Hamels would get 6 days rest, but it would set them up for the playoffs with Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt. I would think that’s how they’d want it to shake out.

After tonight’s performance, there’s no way Robertson gets a start – it’s Kendrick or Worley. I’d like to see Worley, but I have a feeling Kyle will be on the mound Saturday albeit probably his last chance this season.

I like it Todd. Will they listen to you? Now I’m gonna be disappointed if they don’t set it up this way against the Braves. I also agree with the previous two comments.

Worley. He impressed me quite a bit, even though he was seriously amped on adrenaline (who wouldn’t be). We could use a second lefty starter anyway, and I think he’d be better than Kyle “Mr. Hyde” Kendrick.

After last night I’m sure that we can scratch Mr. Robinson from the equation. And if I ever see Kyle Kendrick again in anything but a mop-up role it will be too soon. So, by process of elimination, it should be Worley and we may find out as soon as Saturday. Apparently they will minimize exposure to whomever it is anyway.

What are the chances that Halladay is skipped a start or given more than normal rest (i.e. 6-7 days in between)? He’s on track to reach career highs in innings pitched, and would break that significantly were the Phillies to reach the postseason. Any concern around that? I read somewhere that even he acknowledges he could use some more rest down the stretch, and Dubey seemed to acknowledge it too, saying that Doc hasn’t been as sharp recently.

thewitt85, it would be nice to not have Blanton and the 5th starter going in back-t0-back starts, but there’s a reason they are the 4 and 5 starters. A win against the Braves right now is worth twice as much as a win against any other NL East team (their only remaining opponents) so they almost have to set up their rotation this way.

This would be a great way to setup the rotation to beat the Braves. The only downside is that twice, Blanton and (Kendrick, Worley) pitch in back to back games. They are set up to win each series as the rotation stands now, by pitching two of their big three in just about every series.

Still, it’d be great to send those three to the mound against Atlanta both times.

thewitt85, agree with you. If Big Joe can find some way to get his head out of his but, it won’t matter if they are back to back. Blanton showed us from the 3rd to the 7th that he is capable of pitching at a very high level. Kendrick is another story ;o(

I think the Braves will have a bigger issue with their starting rotation than the Phils if Jairr Jurrjens turns out to be injured. His starts are currently lined up for him to face Halladay twice. Lowe looks like he’ll be up against Hamels twice. Hudson would have to be matched up with Oswalt. Hanson would be the odd man out in the series even though he’s been pitching better than Jurrjens. In order for the Braves to replace Jurrjens with Hanson, they’d have to pitch him on 3 days rest next week OR skip his next start.

@absoluttom Absolutely, the games against the Braves are most important. I’d love to see the big three go both times against the Braves. My point was just that overall, the rotation is set up best right now. There’s a chance they could let NY and Washington take two of three from them, although Blanton and hopefully Worley should be able to beat those teams. I’d change the rotation, just another point to consider.

@erichh1 I agree. Atlanta has some good pitching, but surprisingly the Phils have outpitched them this year and ATL has out hit the Phillies. That’s what’s weird about baseball! Jurrjens got roughed up against the Cards tonight for 7 runs in less than 4 innings!

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