Rollins Remains Day to Day with Hamstring Injury

Jimmy Rollins remains day-to-day with tightness in his right hamstring.

He hobbled around the bases in the third inning last night in a 10-6 victory over the Marlins. He reached on a double and scored on a single, clearly having trouble running. Wilson Valdez took his place in the fourth.

Charlie Manuel indicated dehydration could have affected Rollins, who was ill.

“He’s better today,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said today. “I’m not sure when he’s going to play, but he’s better. We don’t think it’s a long term issue.”

Any chance he plays tomorrow night against the New York Mets at Citi Field?

“It’s possible, but he could miss the whole weekend,” Amaro said. “He could play tomorrow. He could play Saturday. He could play Sunday or Monday. I don’t know yet.”


Amaro said if the Phillies have decided on Saturday’s starter — it’ll be either Kyle Kendrick or Vance Worley — he didn’t know.


The Phillies cut loose Nate Robertson after last night’s dreadful effort. They also placed Scott Mathieson on the DL.


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Fortunately they don’t have to decide whether Jimmy should go on the DL or not.
Nate Robertson used to be a half-decent pitcher when he was on the WhiteSox. I know he started to decline there, but he was never this bad, even on the Fish. He worse than than Kendrick and Adam Eaton combined…..

Where have you gone Mr. Robertson? Joltin’ Joe wants to get a few at-bats to pad his stats.
JRoll should sit until he is OK. Wilson Vladez is the best defender on the team anyway so just bat him 8th and move on. The only problem is that Polanco could probably use a day off here and there but, hey, this is crunch time.

I thought the unknown fan back in the 70s and 80s was funny, those guys sitting in the stands with paper bags on their heads. The irony is that those fools paid to protest. With all credit to muleman, the unknown fans have nothing on the “fans disguised as empty seats”. He knows what I’m taking about. Priceless. I laugh just thinking about it, like now.

I might add that the “unkown fan” was a rip-off of the “unknown comic” from the Gong Show for all who can not follow my allusion.

Just heard that Kendrick is starting on Saturday. I hope Charlie has a short leash and keeps Worley at the ready. The one positive is that Kendrick’s last decent outing (a month ago) was vs. the Mutts.

Kyle Kendrick the Philies whipping boy. When he should have been given the starter job, there was Jamie Moyer. Of course Kyle hasn’t pitched as much as Moyer since 2007 in no small part due to Moyers presence but he has been more successful when he has pitched. And one can only wonder how farther along Kyle would have been except for his uselessness, Jamie Moyer.

erichh: It’s funny the impressions we have of players. I thought Robertson was better than he actually was. He has only been above .500 once (2004) and has a career ERA of 5.01 and in 2008 he led the league in earned runs allowed. Over the past 4 seasons, he is 24-35 with an ERA near 6.00.
Those are bad numbers for a guy who has made over $25 million in 9 seasons, and probably speaks more for the woeful state of pitching than it does Robertson’s abilities.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s game. I am always so pleased to see Kyle Kendrick pitching for the Fluffy Fills. The guy throws some serious meat. I am sure Pelfrey will be having a Cheese Steak for Lunch tomorrow.

billybobreefer….Two things had to have happened for you to show your face here tonight. First the Braves had to have won. Second, your sister refused your invitation to sleep over.

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