A Remarkable 18 Shutouts for Phillies

oswalt 0912 2010.jpgThe Phillies pitched their 18th shutout of the season today in a 3-0 victory over the Mets.

If that seems like a lot, it is.

They are the most shutouts in a season since they had 18 in 1965. It also tied them for the 10th most shutouts in a season in franchise history.

Here’s a look at the rest of the top 10:

1. 1916 – 25 shutouts
2. 1908 – 22
2. 1917 – 22
4. 1906 – 21
4. 1907 – 21
6. 1911 – 20
6. 1913 – 20
6. 1915 – 20
9. 1951 – 19
10. 1965 – 18
10. 2010 – 18

That’s pretty remarkable when you consider the top eight consists of teams that played before 1918. I think they use “base balls” stuffed with feathers back then.

There have been just five teams since 1989 that have had more shutouts in a season than the Phillies: the 1992 Braves (24), the 1998 Braves (23), the 1992 Pirates (20), the 2007 (Padres) and the 2002 Athletics.


Roy Oswalt is 6-1 with a 1.98 ERA in nine starts since joining the Phillies.


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Actually, pre-1918 was dead ball era. They stuffed the “base balls” with a lump of coal.

Man, this guy looks better and better..uh Ruben? good job

Best top 3 starters in Phillies history. Thanks Ruben.

A fellow by the name of Alexander had 16 by himself in 1916, so there is no surprise that they had so many that season.
They had another guy, George McQuillan, who had some staggering stats back then but his career was cut short by alcoholism and syphilis. What a world.

Good chance that Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels are the best top 3 starters in Phillies history. But that is not saying too much for a franchise which has had such an abysmal history with success. It only took the Phillies 125 years to put together such a combination? Just as bad is the fact that such a judgment can be based on the performance of three pitchers over a 2 month period for the oldest franchise in MLB history. And, the jury is still out on how hard we should be patting Junior on the back. While he did acquire Halladay and Oswalt, he had nothing to do with drafting Hamels other than maybe fetching the coffee in the “war room” the day Hamels was drafted. Besides, Oswalt has been on the Phillies for only two months. I will start constructing monuments and cathedrals and lighting candles to honor Saint Junior in November 2011 after the Phillies have appeared in a National League first 4 straight WS and will have won back to back WS for the first time in over 30 years in the NL.

zach58 ….Thanking a man for what? doing his job? It is not I who sets a high bar as it is you who sets such a low bar. Give the Phillies a couple good months and it qualifies you for canonization? Please give some support for your conclusion that Halladay, Oswalt, and Hamels are the three best starters in Phillies history. I got news for you, history began long before you pulled your head out of your a-s-s.

phan52…..we are talking Phillies here and Phillies history something which you apparently know little about. Yes, Oswalt is having a couple good month for the Phillies because, guess what, he only has been on the Phillies for two months. Isn’t this the premise of this entire thread? Phillies history? Does he get credit for his time with the Astros and if he does, how exactly does this help the present situation? I’ll continue to smack you down for your superlatives just I have smacked you down in the past for your sabremetrics. I don’t know which fruit hangs lower, you or the Brave fans.

pherris, you set a high bar for thanking a man.

Great job by Junior setting up this stretch run but, according to pherris, this guy Oswalt is just having a couple of good months.
And guarantees don’t exist in baseball. Even Mo Rivera blew a save in the 7th game of the WS. Asking for a guarantee is simply the province of people who want to be able to say ‘I told you so’, with the emphasis on simple.

pherris: 1. Thanks, not canonization. 2. Yes, for doing his job. There are lots of people I thank for doing their jobs. 3. My support for my statement is that I looked through historical Phillies pitching stats and drew a conclusion. If you disagree, a good first step might be naming a better top starting three from sometime in Phillies history. Then we could have a debate, rather than name-calling. Earlier today, you wrote: “Good chance that Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels are the best top 3 starters in Phillies history.” Have you already changed your mind?

OK pherris, we can talk about what Oswalt has done throughout his career OR what we can talk about what he is doing in the here and now. I see a borderline HOF, #1, top-of-the-rotation pitcher, both then AND now. And BTW, there are two such pitchers in this rotation that Junior has traded for in less than a year. If you weren’t such a Negadelphian, you might even embrace it and try to enjoy the fact that they are a team to be reckoned with every year. It’s called being a PHAN.
You are the one who apparently needs to get out once in a while.

A little rationality lifts the qalutiy of the debate here. Thanks for contributing!

phan52….think outside your mother’s garage. Does it make any difference what Oswalt has done in the past when we are talking about the here and now. Taking a page out of the phan52 book of b-u-l-l-s-h–i-t and hyperbole zach58 declares “Best top 3 starters in Phillies history”. Where did I say Oswalt is just having a few good months?

pherris, you must be a bundle of joy in real life.

Just curious, how many of those 18 shutouts were complete games and how does that compare to the 18 shutouts in 1965?

pherris, why do you troll this board?

zach58……….You should really read my post before you start carrying phan52’s water. I guess the ’83 team was the greatest Phillies team of all time using your logic. After all, if memory serves me correctly, it had 5 future HOFers. Yeah, right.

zach58 I troll this board, as you put it, when I am bored and your wife is not available in the chat room.

pherris, there is a difference between fighting off personal attacks on yourself and posting comments that you KNOW are going to get a rise out of those who hate you. You know as well as I do that Phan52 meant the three starters as they are pitching NOW compared to any three Phillie starters at any point in Phillie history. You are the only one who blasted Phan52 because Oswalt hasn’t been a Phillie long enough to be considered for such an honor. You are simply looking for stuff to criticize those guys that hate you. ALL OF YOU GUYS NEED TO KISS AND MAKE UP!!!! Please. The rest of us are getting sick of reading the in-fighting.

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