Aligning Big Three to Face Braves

Expect the Phillies to align the Big Three to face the Braves next week at Citizens Bank Park.

Rich Dubee said today there is a “good chance” Roy Oswalt will pitch Friday against the Washington Nationals at Citizens Bank Park, which would allow Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay and Oswalt to pitch against Atlanta.

It only takes a simple switch to make it happen.

Kyle Kendrick, who currently is scheduled to pitch Friday, would pitch Saturday. Oswalt, who is scheduled to pitch Saturday, would pitch Friday. Oswalt still would be pitching on normal rest, so there is little risk involved.

“As long as (Oswalt) is feeling fine, there’s a real good chance,” Dubee said. “I don’t think there’s any downside to pitching Oswalt, Hamels and Halladay. They are our front three starters. I would think if you have two series with the Braves you’d want the best guys available, if possible.”

The switch also would allow Hamels, Halladay and Oswalt to pitch against the Braves on Oct. 1-3 at Turner Field, if necessary. The Phillies entered tonight’s game against the Marlins at Sun Life Stadium with a one-game lead over the Braves in the National League East.


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Ryan Howard, the most formidable RBI producer of his generation has hit the magic “100” for the fifth year in a row. Just a week or so ago all of the talking heads were discussing the chances of Votto, Pujols and Gonzales of achieving the first triple crown in the NL since Joe Medwick in 1932 , I believe the name and year to be correct but if not it will keep phan52 busy the consummate fact checker ( hey, it keeps him off the streets such that our women, children and dogs are safe. You owners of other barn yard denizens are on your own). Nary a mention was made of the roadblock named Ryan Howar. Little Joey Morgan was explaining the other night, in his most phan52ish imitation that Pujols has never led the league in RBIs or had more RBIs because of intentional walks. What a crock. He hasn’t led the league in RBIs at least since 2006 because of the presence of the formidable Mr. Howard.

With the way Blanton pitched yesterday do you think they will just skip Kendrick all together and go with Blanton on his regular rest on Saturday? That seems the safer bet.

Do road teams get part of the gate in MLB? Back in the mid-1970s I lived in Pittsburgh for half a year or so. Whenever the Phillies were in town, I would go to every game in the series. Of course, the situations of the Phillies and Pirates then were the opposite of what they are today. By the way I’ll keep the “blind squirrel” angle covered as long as you continue to do so with the Broken Clock Theory of Baseball Knowledge. A deal, phan52? Of course, uniquely subtitled for you and you alone “Alright, alright, mom, I’ll be right out and I am only going to keep doing it until I need glasses”.

As pompous as he is, Joe Morgan has forgotten more about baseball than pherris has ever known. IBB have certainly held Pujols back in years past. Who wants to pitch to him?
But while the triple crown may be interesting to talk about, the numbers don’t work out for any of the candidates in the NL. Pujols is way ahead of CarGo in HR’s and CarGo is way ahead of Pujols in BA. Votto would appear to have the best chance, although remote, but pherris is actually right that the trends show that Howard will most probably lead in RBI again. The ‘blind-squirrel-finding-a-nut’ theory at work. Way to go, pherris.

I find it interesting that, although Florida has the worst attendance in the NL, they drew more last night than the Braves did at home. Granted, the majority of people at Sun Life Stadium were Phillies phans. It’s interesting that the Phillies can draw better 1,000 miles from home than the Braves can at home in the middle of a pennant race.
What a pathetic fan base.

Yeah, Those Phillies fans always go to the game. Like in the year 2000, when the Braves averaged 39,000 per game at home and and the Phillies less than half that at just over 19,000. Whoooops where were all those fair weather filly fans then?????????? Hiding in a pub somewhere, eating a greasy steak sandwich????

Oh and Phan52, Omar Infante is going to win the batting crown, making all this ridiculous Triple Crown talk, MOOT!!!!!!

billreef…..why do you always get personal. The Braves have gone from Boston, to Milwaukee, to Atlanta. Now all they have to look forward to is Castro dying and abolition of that godless regime in Cuba. When those things happen and the planets align, the Braves will move to Havana. Of course rumor has it that they looked into moving to Manila, which for all you children left behind happens to be in the Philippines Islands. However, in addition to all the time needed for traveling, market testing indicated that renaming the team the Manila Folders had negative connotation. But, hey, what are you going to do? Manila’s gain is Atlanta’s loss.

Fair weather fans? The Braves have been in first place virtually all summer and still you loser fans don’t go. WTF? Being out-drawn by the Marlin is a shameful disgrace. Atlanta should have their franchise revoked and moved someplace where they actually enjoy watching baseball.

pherris, that last post of yours was hilarious! Keep up the good work fending off the trolls !

Actually, I was watching highlights of a Reds game at home and it looked worse than the Braves, and the REDS are guaranteed a playoff birth. I’m afraid the sport we all love may be in serious decline if fans won’t support their team in a pennant race or show appreciation for their team for getting into the playoffs by going to the games.

Man if you thought that last post was hilarious, I understand why Filly’s games of late have been well attended. Lack of entertainment in PA. I mean I’ve seen the girls there, yikes. I’m pretty sure that culture in it’s entirety left with Benjamin Franklin. It’s really funny though that no one can tell me where the filly’s faithful were in the ninety’s and 2000-2004????? The Braves were outdrawing them 2 to 1. And we can’t compare postseason stats, because, well, the filly’s weren’t in the postseason. Wow. so you have a weekends worth of stats and you extend it across the known universe. Funny.

I already posted the projected starting rotation schedule a few weeks ago. I have no idea what Todd is blogging about because so far the schedule that Dave Murphy posted (on his “High Cheese” blog at has been spot on.
Murphy also wrote that the Phils had Kyle pitching twice against the Nats (9/18 and9/28) because he has had better success in the past against them than he has against the Mets, but he wrote that in August, before Kyle pitched well against the Mets his last start.
I was shocked to see that the Braves were going to pitch Hanson against Niese in the 1st game of their series with the Mets. That means they will be giving Hudson one fewer start this season, but he may need the extra rest for the playoffs (he is returning from Tommy John surgery in ’08. Another thing, if Hudson pitches on 9/18 he would miss the all-important series against the Phils in Philly or have to pitch on short rest. I’m pretty sure the Braves will figure this gaffe out and move Hudson to 9/17, so he’s matched up against Oswalt twice in our two series with them.
Lining up the “three-headed monster” against the Braves in our series with them is a no-brainer. A win for the Phils would mean a loss for the Braves, and vice versa. Instead of win or lose and scoreboard-watch.

Nice cherry-picking billreef. But we’re talking about a Braves team this year that has been in first most of the year and is in a fight for it’s playoff life in September, and is being outdrawn by the MARLINS, the worst drawing team in the NL. The Phillies sucked in 2000 and played in the worst baseball stadium in MLB. Ever since they moved to CBP in 2004 they have been one of the top drawing teams in MLB and that was before they were winning divisions.
As far as the postseason is concerned, you have to re-mortgage your home and give up your firstborn to get a ticket in Philly. In Atlanta, they have walkup tickets on gameday. Really, you got nothing.

Outdrawn by the Marlins in a pennant race. What a joke. Braves ‘fans’ can’t even be called bandwagon jumpers. You have to at least show up for that.
2 game lead for the Phightins. Braves fans will be able to see what a real baseball crowd looks like next week. That is, if they even bother to tune in.
…game, set, match, indeed…

Well Phan since your cut and pasting comments on our blog, here ya go.Yeah, Phan 52, I just “cherry picked” stats from 15 years of the last 25. And you were quoting from a Monday night game in someone else’s park. And so you say, when your team sucks and your stadium isn’t to your liking you guys don’t go to a baseball game? Your kinda like a mets fan who roots for the yankees when they get to the world series. Don’t hang with your team until they get a new stadium. I guess I would have missed all those dynamite games when the Braves played in poor old AFC stadium. You guys are just a bunch of bandwagon jumpers. Game, set match.

Phan52, we played at the worst baseball stadium ever, Veterans Stadium. NOT that it was the worst, it was home. But, it was pretty bad. Anyways, Citizens Bank Park fills itself, gorgeous park and great fans

billybobreefer……You are old enough to now be told why your mama goes to bed every night with a Rebel flag wrapped around her head. It’s cause your daddy likes doin’ her for a lost cause.

“Dude, when the Braves sucked they couldn’t even draw a million fans and were always the next candidate in line to relocate. Now your in a pennant race and can’t get 20,000 people on a Monday night? You aren’t even bandwagon jumpers. You don’t deserve a team. You better not become bottom feeders, because the talk of moving will start again, as it should.
…game, set, match, indeed… ”

Might be kinda nice if facts supported ANY of your mindless rants. The ATL Braves have NEVER been a candidate for relocation. They haven’t drawn less than a million fans for decades now. Does reality mean anything to you? You guys will be back to sucking wind again and drawing your normal 20,000 fans after the novelty of the new stadium wears off. I think most filly fans who go there think they are going to a Disco, the last night they had out before this. You know Baltimore was drawing really well for a while but they get 20,000 now. It’s kinda a hole like Philly. Lot of slums, kinda backwards people, declining population. Formula will probably work the same. I mean how long can a steel worker build empty buildings?

That’s rich. Backward people? Slums? Do you actually live anywhere near Atlanta? What’s the number one pick up line in Atlanta? Nice tooth.
Dude, before the Braves started winning divisions they went five years without even a milion people going to the games. And BTW, the Phillies have won as many WS after three years of winning divisions as the Braves did in 14. I suggest you troll the SF and Rockies boards until they catch and pass you for the wild card.

phan52….Slum is just southern speak to talk about them thar “uppity nigras” in a civil and genteel ma’na in front of the women folk.. It is like a dog whistle which they think only they can hear, a code, in a manner of speaking. But I digress. Back to baseball. It is also interesting to note that since the Braves have been in Atlanta both the Braves and Phillies have been to the WS five times each but the Phillies have won “twice” the number of rings.

Ok, ok, I know this is blasphemy… but consider this:

Kendrick: 8gs 4 – 1 2.53 / 1.24 lifetime vs. ATL
Oswalt: 7gs 0 – 3 7.58 / 1.79 lifetime vs. ATL

Anyone else concerned that the Phillies aren’t just sticking to their pitching rotation as it is set out to be? For some reason, Kendrick has found success against the Braves early in his career, for whatever reason. But Oswalt’s numbers are more concerning. I can see a 4.50 / 1.40 line from him and not be too concerned about the matchup, but something sticks out about those numbers. Kendrick in 2010 has allowed just 1 run in 15.0 IP vs. the Braves this season, and also has a 2.04 lifetime ERA @ Turner Field. Must be something about Hotlanta that gets Kendrick going…

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