Headed Home

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Headed back to Philly in a bit, but I wanted to pass along a few things before I board my flight:

Roy Halladay improved to 19-10 with a 2.49 ERA after last night’s victory over Florida, but he has a 4.41 ERA (17 earned runs in 34 2/3 innings) in his last five starts. He has thrown 234 2/3 innings this season and is scheduled to make three more starts, which likely would push him to 250-plus innings. That would be his heaviest workload since he threw a career-high 266 innings in 2003.

“I feel good,” Halladay said. “Stamina-wise I’ve felt real good. I haven’t felt like I’ve gotten tired at the end of games. I think definitely there’s times where you realize it’s not April. You don’t have that little bit of extra giddy-up sometimes, but that’s where those extra days can come in. But I feel good. I feel just as good now as I have any other year at this point.”

Halladay allowed 10 hits, three runs and one home run in six innings. He also struck out nine to set a career-high 210 strikeouts. They are the most strikeouts for a Phillies pitcher since Curt Schilling had 300 in 1998.

Halladay, 33, will get an extra day of rest before his next two starts, which could help him. His next start comes Tuesday against the Braves at Citizens Bank Park, which figures to be one of the biggest starts of his career with playoff implications on the line. He will have a chance to pick up his 20th win. He would be the first Phillies pitcher to win 20 games in a season since Steve Carlton went 23-11 in 1982.


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rest up boys! here we go done the stretch!

So this means he has fallen from ‘godlike’ status to ‘a good start’ status? Yeah, not worried yet.

fcrescenti, No batting order? lol

fcrescenti, No batting order? lol

I’m hoping and praying that Doc won’t have to face the Braves in the last series of the year. He could use the extra 3-4 days between starts, especially since it will be his first start in the playoffs.

Can’t they just clinch during the home stand and get it over with? Then Doc can get some rest. Wishful thinking, but not impossible.
By the way, stop by my page and check out my 97.5 studio tour and visit with Darren Daulton :O)


I can see the last three games against the Braves as being a moot point. If this is the case do any of the Phillies top 3 even pitch?

Well Phallus, a 3 game lead and a 3 game series starting Monday. Bring your crying towel because I am sure you’ll be whining by Wednesday night. We hope you phil the stands with your usual vomiting, battery throwing idiots because we thrive on the pressure. This team has the best come from behind record in baseball. Why should it be any different with you guys having a paltry 3 game lead. I hear the gurgling sound of a choke coming.

ooooo…here come those road warrior Braves. Be afraid. Be very afraid. And what’s with the ‘we’ crap? What position do you play. pi$$ boy?

no, he’s the can they spit their gator-aid into

Oh such clever repartee. You guys really should have taken English in HS. Oh, they don’t offer it in Filly. i guess you don’t need it much in Illiterate, PA. No don’t look it up in the atlas, it’s not a town. I hope we both win tomorrow so we can head into Monday, in Filly fantasy town with a 3 game gap. It will be so much fun to watch you all eat your young when you lose those 3 in a row.

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