The Playoff Odds

phils 0917 2010.jpg

The Phillies have a three-game lead over the Braves with 14 games to play.

Baseball Prospectus likes this. It gives the Phillies a 97.7 percent chance to make the playoffs, and a 79.2 percent chance to win the division. It gives the Braves a 77.8 percent chance to make the playoffs, and a 20.8 percent chance to win the division.

Looking around the rest of the league:

  • Reds: 97.8 percent chance to make the playoffs.
  • Giants: 54.4 percent.
  • Padres: 40.9 percent.
  • Rockies: 28.8 percent.
  • Cardinals: 2.5 percent.


Sports Illustrated’s Joe Sheehan tells us why home-field advantage isn’t the advantage it’s supposed to be in the playoffs.


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I like those odds. Go Phils.

I like the odds too, kinda like Florida’s odds when they won both of their WS. Kinda like the Cards chance to make the playoffs a month ago. Kind of like the Rays chance to win the AL east were at the beginning of the season. If the odds ruled baseball why would we even play the season. I can hear the announcers shouting that last weekend. “The Braves win the pennant…….”

Reefer: Those odds you talked about were all pre-season, not with 2 weeks to go. If odds ruled the season, your Braves would have won more than … um … one World Series.

Donkey boy here. What’s that reefer? I couldn’t hear you over the loud cheering. jackass.

I didn’t think I could get much happier after the comeback, walkoff win, but then I came over here and read billreef’s comment. Thanks bill!!!!

Hey DonkeyBoy. I am glad our game got over with so I could come over and watch the end of Fillies/Nats. Can you even read, son? 3 of the 4 stats I talked about definitely WEREN’T from the beginning of the season (i.e. “Cards a month ago”, Marlins from 1997 and 2003). But I guess reading skills aren’t that important to a donkey. I wonder if you can read the score of this game , 6-3. It’s kind of funny that’s the same score we beat the Mets with. SWEEP.

LOL!! Our dancing monkey from the south has great timing. What was it he was saying about comeback wins?

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