Werth Chooses Boras As New Agent

boras.jpgJayson Werth
has hired Scott Boras as his new agent, a source told MLB.com tonight.

Werth recently left agent Jeff Borris from the Beverly Hills Sports Council for Boras, who represents some of the biggest names in the game.

Werth should be set up for a nice payday once he reaches free agency after the season. He is hitting .292 with 44 doubles, two triples, 24 home runs and 76 RBIs in 146 games. He has hit 60 home runs since the beginning of the 2009 season, which ranks second in the Majors amongst right-handed hitting outfielders. (Jose Bautista is first with 62.) Werth also can run, throw and play good defense.

How this affects his future with the Phillies, if at all, remains to be seen. It already was believed Werth would be impossibly difficult to resign with the Phillies already having committed more than $140 million in payroll in 2011, Domonic Brown waiting in the wings and Werth likely to fetch a contract at least similar to the four-year, $66 million deal Jayson Bay received last winter from the Mets.


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How does Werth hiring Borass affect Werth’s chances of resigning with the Phillies? This is rhetorical, Todd, isn’t it?

Pherris…”The Bible Thumper” here. I am a Christian but I never try to engage phans about my religious faith. I like all phans no matter what their religious beliefs are.
I tried to think of why you thought I was a religious fanatic and the only thing I could think about was waaaaaaaay back when I posted my theory of why Lidge lost it last year. I posted that I thought it was because Lidge gave glory to Jesus in the interviewed after the Phils had just won the ’08 WSC. He then said he had a lot of luck when he was on MLB Network’s “The Pen” series.
It was a theory and I still stand by it. Lidge is a Bible Thumping Phil, so I’m sure he would have repented if he had read my post, and his pitching would have turned around earlier.
Call it what you want. Any religious fanatic beilieves that their God can work in the unseen world for their benefit, whether by calming their hearts or creating favorable conditions for them. Superstitions work the same way. I realize that you don’t believe in yourself as god with hatred and revenge as your messengers.
I apologize to all phans for writing this here. I won’t address this issue again.

I meant….Pherris believes only in himself as god with hatred and revenge as his angels and the Zo-zone as his place of self-worship and each post as his scripture………I will definitely get attacked for this ;o)

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