Halladay Gets His 20th

halladay 0921 2010.jpg

Roy Halladay won his 20th game tonight at Citizens Bank Park.

Let’s take a look at that accomplishment, shall we?

  • He is the first Phillies pitcher to win 20 games since Steve Carlton went 23-11 in 1982.
  • He is the first Phillies right-hander to win 20 games since Robin Roberts went 23-14 in 1955.
  • He is just the fourth Phillies pitcher to win 20 games since 1917 (Carlton, Roberts and Chris Short are the others).
  • Pitchers won 20 games 98 times between Carlton in ’82 and Halladay in ’10. It is a list that includes names like Bob Welch, who won 27 games in 1990 — the most wins of any pitcher between Carlton and Halladay. It is a list that includes names like Roger Clemens, Dwight Gooden, LaMarr Hoyt, Frank Viola, John Burkett, Rich Dotson, Ron Guidry, Matt Morris, Joaquin Andujar, Jose Lima
  • Phillies pitchers won 20 games 49 times, 25 of them happening from 1883 to 1899. The overall list includes names like Grover Cleveland Alexander, Kid Gleason, Wiley Piatt, Duke Esper, Togie Pittinger and Tully Sparks. (No, I had never heard of Wiatt, Esper, Pittinger or Sparks, either.)


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Magic number at 6. Oswalt should make it 4 tonight. Give the rotation a little rest down the stretch. I think Halladay has already clinched the Cy Young.

I hope you Philly fans realize that you have a whole country (Canada) behind you guys, due to the Halladay trade. A Cy Young award for Roy would be great, but what we want is a world series championship, for Roy. Let’s hope that the Yankees exit early, but I doubt it. I have watched them quite a bit this year and as much as I hate to say it, they seem to have a bit of destiny about them. They seem to be surging while the other teams in the AL are faultering. Go Phillies!

burt, Thanks for the nice post. It’s nice to know that Halladay is still loved by Jays fans all over Canada. I just hope all those positive vibes can travel the distance and cross the boarder without getting stopped by Home Land Securities. lol

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