Magic Number Is 4

werth 0922 2010.jpg

A few words from Braves catcher Brian McCann:

“We knew what we were getting into coming in here. We knew who they were pitching. We’ve all faced them before and they’ve all got great stuff. They executed every pitch and when they got themselves in trouble, they got out of it. That’s what number ones do and all three of those guys are number ones.”


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Jason Bay got a 4 year $65 million contract last year and his agent is Borass. Bay cannot carry Werth’s jock. Enjoy Werth now, he is going to be Phillies history at the end of this season.

Wow! That was a very classy and impressive quote from McCann, Todd. Thanks for sharing. Love the picture of Werth sliding into home plate. He certainly has speed to get things done. I don’t care what anybody says but the Phillies need him to remain on their team. He’s worth every penny.

Heard of the Braves president bellyaching about CBP. Anyone have a link?

President John Schuerholz decided to take the Brian McCann route and trash our small-dimensioned ballpark. ?When they built that damn ballpark, we didn?t have a prayer. They started printing money and hitting shorter home runs.?

Thanks for the link, phan52. The way I see is that the Braves are schizophrenic as far as what kind of club they are. It seems they do not build to fit their stadium as a small ball team and are always on a search for bargain basement power. And, the real foot in the mouth moment here for Schuerholz is how CBP was a none factor in the Phillies sweep.

I’d love to see the exact quote from Billy Wagner warning his teammates about how intense the crowds would be at CBP. I only heard our announcers referring to it. I was so filled with pride watching the crowds at the stadium these past three games, with the rally towels creating that snow globe effect. It looked like the playoffs had already started. I don’t know another team that gets that kind of all out support every night.

I prefer Charlie’s quote in response to the Braves’ whining about CBP: “Champions can play anywhere.”

pherris, “Boarass” is the correct spelling of Jayson’s agent’s name ;o)

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