Phillies Shuffle Rotation Again

The Phillies have shuffled their rotation again.

They will have Joe Blanton, Kyle Kendrick and Cole Hamels face the Mets this weekend at Citizens Bank Park. Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Blanton will face the Washington Nationals next week at Nationals Park.

Hamels, Halladay and Oswalt could pitch Oct. 1-3 against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field.

The Phillies originally had Blanton, Hamels and Halladay scheduled to pitch against the Mets. Having Kendrick pitch Saturday allows the Phillies to give Hamels, Halladay and Oswalt and extra day of rest. If the Phillies clinch the NL East before the Oct. 1-3 series in Atlanta, they could have the Big Three pitch just a few innings to give them extra rest before the playoffs or bump one of them for Kendrick.


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That’s the sort of luxury afforded to a team with a 5-game lead. The concensus is that Halladay is a little weary, so the extra rest can do nothing but help at this point.
Should they finish with the best record they can play the 8-day NLCS, making only 3 starters necessary. They would only need the fourth in one potential NLCS game and a World Series game (4, I think). Having those three guys in a playoff series is huge.

I meant 8-day NLDS, but you knew that.🙂

Oswalt awesome again and the Phillies bullpen outduels the Braves bullpen, which was supposed to be the Braves one advantage. Of course, the fact that the Braves can’t play defense was a big help. Missing a cutoff man cost them the game.
Magic number of 4. Atlanta better hope the Phillies clinch soon so they don’t have any incentive to win in Atlanta. The wild card could be on the line for them.

Now that the Phillies have a 6 game lead with 9 to play, the odds that they won’t clinch the division before they go to Atlanta are pretty slim. With 6 games against the Mets and Nats, the Phillies would need to take 2 of 3 from both, and that’s assuming the Braves lose none in that time. I say give the big 3 (and Joe Blanton) the rest needed for the playoffs. Even with the set up of the post season, Charlie can get by just using H2O.

The ballpark atmosphere looked positively electric these past few nights with the rally towels twirling and the the phans going wild. Can’t believe any of us were ever worried about where this team was headed!

Libertybelle, we had every reason in the world to be worried: players were falling left and right and the injury bug seemed like it would never go away. Once they got healthy (minus Jimmy), the only question was one of time. Did the Phils have enough time to catch the Braves? And in late August the answer was clearly “YES”. Of course, the Braves have helped by forgetting why they were playing so well all year (for Bobby Cox) and doing their best impression of the ’08 Mets. The truth is: even if the Braves had been ahead of the Phils by 8 games on September 1st, the Phils would have overtaken them in the NL East standings after the last series. SHOCKING isn’t it. Even the Mutts took longer to beat down.

I think they ought to start resting some of the regulars, and try to move JRoll slowly into full playing mode. Polanco in particular needs to rest his elbow and they need to get the bench some at-bats in preparation for the postseason.
Good position to be in.

I’m not sure I start ROllins when he’sready to return. Valdez has been a great player this year both with the bat and the glove. Victorino is doing fine leading off, no need to fix what’s not broke.

Well f-i-j, the idea of not playing JRoll when he’s ready is why you are where you are and Charlie Manuel is in the dugout in the red pinstripes.

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