Phillies Clinch (A Playoff Berth)!

If you’re like me, you’re wondering the same thing: what are the Phillies doing with all the champagne they bought this weekend to celebrate their fourth consecutive National League East championship?

They’re taking it to DC.

It is worth noting the Phillies clinched a playoff berth today anyway, despite losing to the Mets. They clinched because only one National League West team can finish with 93 wins.

The Phillies are 93-63 with six games to play.

If the Braves (87-69) win their remaining games, they can finish with no more than 93 wins. The Padres (87-68) and Giants (88-68) are competing for the NL West championship with the Giants holding a half-game lead. They play each other in a three-game series this weekend at AT&T Park. If both teams win every game leading to that series, they both would be 91-68. One of those teams obviously will win at least two of those games, pushing one team to 93 wins while the other team finishes with no more than 92.

Thus, the Phillies are in the playoffs.

If you’re wondering if the Phillies were going to celebrate on the train, think again. I asked Brad Lidge if it’s safe to assume the entire team will not be headed to the bar car for a celebratory drink.

“I think that’s a safe assumption,” he said. “We might be doing some low-key patting on the back, but we want to accomplish our goal and nothing short. That’s when we’ll celebrate.”

Because the Braves lost, the Phillies can clinch the NL East tomorrow with a victory over the Nationals or a Braves loss to the Marlins.


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What needs to happen to clinch best NL record / 1st seed?

It was a shame that the Phillies couldn’t win it at home in front of the hometown crowd.

I expected the crowd to give the Phillies a standing ovation even with a loss at home as it happened today, for a wonderful season. This didn’t happen either, no sooner was the final out recorded and everyone head for the exits

My thoughts from today about the game.

– Cole Hamels looked rushed on the mound today. He also showed that angry side to him that we haven’t seen in a while.

– The Phillies had opportunities and couldn’t make things happen. The winning hot streak that the Phillies were on is past them now for sure.

-We saw what should have been happening with the Mets this year. Beltran and Wright carrying the team. They did so today, much too late and much to the chagrin of the Phillies fans that wanted to party in their own stadium today to celebrate the NL East Crown.

An older fan sat in front of us this afternoon, he remembered 1964 for the Phillies and the great collapse that that team had. I hope we don’t start seeing this from the Phillies as it is nearing the playoffs.


When the Phils win tomorrow (Thanks, Doc) it’ll be like a repeat of when we started the season, with Roy pitching in DC, and an exciting win (seeing that we actually win). If Polly hit’s a grand slam, that’ll be pretty mind-blowing, am I right? I guess we’ll have to see tomorrow at 7:05! #2010doitagain

CBPhresh is certainly correct – and I too don’t know why we’ve not seen it laid out in print, though I suspect quite a number of curious fans (myself included) stopped to figure this all out in the past day or two.

Well, actually, I have a guess. I will assume that the professionals (or most of them) know all this. But they prefer to focus on the immediate concerns of most fans, and not have to go into explaining, at least not just yet, the layers of tie-breaking procedures beyond the straightforward head-to-head.

The point is this: head-to-head takes care of San Diego, but the case of San Francisco is not so simple. The Phils head-to-head record with the Giants is 3-3, so to settle things we’d have to apply the next tiebreaker, viz., the intradivisional record of each team (i.e., Phillies in their NL East games vs. Giants in their NL West games). Phillies currently have 40 wins here; San Fran has 34 and can reach 40 by sweeping their remaining games. So, yes, if the Phillies win onemore game they’d have 41 division wins and thus own this tie-breaker too.

That’s correct, no? (And I really do wish to be corrected!) And a little more complicated to explain.

Relevant Tie-breaking Rules — see scenario #7 at:
Resolution of ties in division races

Someone correct me if I’m wrong (hint: I’m not).

Everyone keeps saying that we win the NL East with one more victory, but one more victory assures us of something far better than the NL East.

One more victory gets us to 94 wins. The only other teams that have a shot at 94 wins are San Diego and San Fran. Obviously, only one of these two teams can achieve 94 victories since they play each other as noted in Todd’s column. We have the tiebreaker over both San Fran AND San Diego, therefore, we are one win away form clinching the #1 seed in the NL, and therefore, homefield throughout the entire playoffs (thanks to the NL’s victory in the All Star Game in July.

I am not sure why I am seemingly the first person to think of this, but i haven’t seen it in print as of yet. I knew this would be the case at the start of the day, but people who actually get paid to do this for a living are a little slow it seems🙂

fightinphillies: Are you serious? You’re talking about a ’64-stlye collapse? That just proves that any goofball with a computer can write a blog. Their hot streak is behind them? Why, because they lost 2 after winning 11? Other than that, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts about the game.

I love the “we” stuff too, by the way.


I thought it sucked that Charlie pinch hit JRoll for Valdez yesterday. Valdez has been great down the stretch and deserved the opportunity. JRoll will have his day, but it wasn’t yesterday.
Maybe the regulars should all sit tonight against Lannan. Too many bad things have happened to the Phillies with him on the mound.

it’s really kinda pathetic, you guys are about to clinch and you can only get 8 comments on your blog. And most of the comments are mindless drivel like that basement boy Phan52. This guy knows as much about baseball as a cattle herder in India. Probably a 14 year old spanking the monk in mom’s basement.

LOL!! Great timing, you clown. I just watched the Phillies clinch another division title, Halladay clinch the Cy Young, and more Phillies phans celebrating in Washington DC than there are fans in the stadium in Atlanta.

Billybob: You are such a tool. There are over 64 Phillies blogs. You only seem to know of one. I guess it’s time for you to go back to the whole you crawled out of in July and time for the Yankee trolls to start it up.

Well so you guys think winning the division it’s time to celebrate. It’s only the beginning,kids. If you been around as many postseasons as we Braves fans, you would realize that. I’m sure you will get to play the Braves again and by then you ‘ll probably be in another of your patented slumps. the Braves BTW are poised to peak at just the right time. Tonite we get the Major League leading win in our last AB and go into 1st for the WC. See youse guys soon, chumps.

Hey Phan 52 I noticed you weren’t one of those fans cheering on your sloppy cheese steaks. Guess mommy wouldn’t take you down to DC for the game?

Once again, billreef counts his chickens before they are hatched.
Braves fans. The definition of an oxymoron, with the emphasis on the moron.

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