Four In A Row: Phillies Win NL East

halladay 0927 2010.jpg

I asked Roy Halladay if this is how he imagined it would feel.

“Colder,” he replied, as beer was poured down his back.

Great answer.


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It’s been fun and it’s about to get funner. Phillies fans everywhere welcome Halliday and Oswalt on for the ride. I’ve been a Phillies fan since the late 60’s and this has been so much fun with more to come. GO PHILS !! Hope we meet the Yankees again and kick their a$$es back from whence they came.

Love this team from the beginning of the preseason all the. And never did doubted them one bit. Even with all the injuries they still came through. Love my home town team

got to love this team. H2O will take us to the promised land again.

I like the fact that they let Halladay, Schneider and Sweeney pop the first corks.

Halladay was really in the zone last night. Very cool for him, Sweeney & Schneider.

The only downside to the postseason is having to put up with the lousy national announcers on TBS & Fox. Hoping 1210 can sync up their broadcast to the TV.

Hopefully McCarver is working on his pronunciation of Ruiz.
If 1201 is synched up to the TV broadcast, I’m with Karen, no more of those TBS/Fox clowns.
On another note, do Dobbs and Kendrick make the post season roster? I vote no for Dobbs, just a maybe for Kendrick.

jimmymack, I think it would come down to Dobbs or Brown and I don’t think they can trust in Brown unless he gets a lot of at-bats this week. He’s had something like 3 at-bats in September because of the quad injury.
Kendrick, they don’t need him, but who else would it be? Baez, Bastardo? Maybe Bastardo as another lefty.

lots of questions of playoff roster. Assuming that your starting 8. A bench of Valdez, Schneider and Sweeny, Francisco, Gload and we have 13. Pitchers: Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt, Blanton, Lidge, Madson, Contreras, Durban, Romero brings us to 22. Who are the other 3? I take Kendrick as long relief over Herndon. I take Brown for speed and bat over DObbs. Who is the last guy on the roster? DO we take an 11th pitcher or a 7th guy on the bench? It comes down to Bastardo vs Mayberry in my opinion. I’m not sure who I choose. FOr sure I don’t take Baez. I may, however be persuaded to take Hoover as a 3rd catcher just in case….

The only way they would need a third catcher is if someone got hurt and they are allowed to replace injured players on a playoff roster.
f-i-j, you have the first 22 players correct, and the last three will be two pitcher and Dobbs. I doubt they will go with 10 pitchers and Dobbs will get the nod as a veteran over Brown. Brown’s speed won’t do anything for them on the basepaths as he is still a work in progress and needs to improve his baserunning. That’s what winter ball and spring training is for, not the playoffs.

It was good to see Doc return to Cy-Young form.

Phan: As for his speed, look at last night. I also don’texpect them to take a 3rd catcher unless they want to use Schneider as a PH on a regular basis. I think they will take Brown as it’s good experience and he can’t be worse than Dobbs is. I think they will take as the final 3 are KEndrick, Bastardo and Brown

Well f-i-j, it doesn’t matter what you or I think because we don’t have a vote. The bottom line is that Dobbs will be on the team because Charlie likes veteran players. You don’t get a player ‘experience’ in the postseason. That is ridiculous. Brown will be in the dugout in uniform anyway, if that is what you are talking about, just like Marson was a few years ago. But the only way Brown is on the live roster is if they go with 10 pitchers, which is a possibility, especially in a 5 game NLDS.

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