Looking Like Halladay for Game 1

halladay 0928 2010.jpgRoy Halladay seems destined to start Game 1 of the National League Division Series on Oct. 6 at Citizens Bank Park.

It is not official, but the Phillies dropped a couple hints today.

Kyle Kendrick will pitch Friday against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field, which has become a meaningless series since the Phillies clinched their fourth consecutive NL East championship last night. The Phillies have not announced starters for Saturday or Sunday, but it sounds like Halladay will be skipped.

“There’s a real good chance,” Charlie Manuel said.

“He probably won’t start,” Rich Dubee said.

Cole Hamels and Roy Oswalt both could pitch a few innings this weekend as a tune-up for the playoffs.

Manuel said the Phillies have chosen to play an eight-day NLDS because it allows them the luxury of pitching only Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt on normal rest through the five-game series. Because the Phillies only need three starters, they might carry fewer pitchers in the first round.

The Phillies would like to give left-handers Antonio Bastardo and Mike Zagurski work this week to see if they can carry two left-handers in the bullpen.

They also suggested left-hander Jamie Moyer, who has not pitched since July because of a left elbow injury, could be ready to pitch in the later rounds of the postseason. But Moyer just started throwing off a mound, and he only has thrown four-seam fastballs, which he does not throw in games. He is a way away from returning.


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Jamie! If we could have the whole team back together, even just fro an inning, for the WS it would be the best season ever.

Man, 1 comment on your blog in the middle of a pennant race. What’s up Phags, where’s donkeyboy? You guys only score a run and all the Frilly fans go running for cover. Don’t slump now. It time to put up or shut up. We lost another 3 hole starter and still we keep charging to the playoffs. We are in a close race and are gonna have to play intense BB until season end. It tends to keep a team sharp and carry into the playoffs. You guys better not snooze on us.

What pennant race are you taling about? We clinched, and like our stars, we’re now resting for a game or two. Big discussion is who is on roster and who isn’t–a discussion you guys in Atlanta wish to have but, given how your team and manager suck, probably won’t this year. Enjoy early vacation…

Pennant race? You get to fly a pennant for a wild card slot? Sorry dude, that ship sailed.
And who would know there’s anything resembling a ‘pennant race’ in Atlanta anyway? 60% capacity at Turner Field in the last week of the MLB season for a do or die game? I guess that’s considered a pretty good turnout in the grit-eating world.

Oh, Frilly boys. Have you checked those WC standings lately? I don’t think an “early vacation” is in the cards. Don’t “rest” too long or you might have a lot of time to rest from OCT til MAR. Seems to me we have an interesting Series coming up. Against a team who is trying to secure Home field. Lets see how your beloved Frillies fare at “our” house. Nobody pushes us around at home, best record in baseball.

billreef: Who’s trying to secure home field? The Phils have homefield clinched throughout the playoffs and your Braves are just trying to hold onto a slim WC lead. This series means nothing to me. Hope you can fill at least half of your stadium!

There is absolutely nothing interesting to Phillies phans for the rest of this regular season. The Braves will be playing the equivalent of a AAA team this weekend so they BETTER win. And the Braves can’t get homefield in any playoff series. We all know how that will work out for them.

Billybob’s stupidity regarding home field and the pennant race has only served to reinforce my opinion of Southerners.

Billreef, I was at the game last night (wearing my Phillies shirt and cap) and believe me, you guys won by the BAREST of margins. McCann’s “slide” in the 6th was pathetic (Tubby McCann really needs to slim down). You have barely any offense. It was painful to watch. Plus with JJ maybe done for the season, that means you go into the playoffs (assuming you make it) with only Hudson (who is very tired), Lowe and Hanson. And NO offense. But I am rooting for the Braves to make it, so we can meet in the NLCS and I can go to games 3-4 in Atlanta and see the Phillies win the pennant.

If what the Braves are doing is a charge, we know why the south lost the Civil War.

I have no idea what this billreef person is talking about. We have the division, and the best record in the NL, so, the road to the NL goes through Philly this year. Want the NL flag, beat the Phils, at home, period!!!


I saved billybobreefers life the other day. I k-i-ll-e-d a s-h-i-t eating mouse.

reef, you have nothing to say to us as fans. We have sold out every game at home this season, outnumbered fans of opposing teams on the road, and you are looking at this blog to determine how excited we are as Phils fans. You are a moron. We already wrapped up everything in the NL, so you guys may beat our AAA team in the upcoming series. We will be excited next week when the playoffs start and then again when we win the world series. the braves offense is garbage. You have no shot against our starting pitching. Simple as that.

Actually, the Padre’s are going to guarantee the Braves win the wild card by getting swept in San Fran this weekend. The Braves are 2 games up with 3 games left. The Padres have 5 games left. If the braves win one against the Phils, the Padres have to win 4 of their last 5 games to tie and force a one-game playoff. Those who have been following the Padres demise will tell you that the Padres are incapable of doing that. 2 wins and 3 losses is more realistic, IMO. What I’m saying is that the Braves would have to choke on the level of the ’08 Mets not to make the playoffs this year.

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