Rollins Talks Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg and Music

I read here recently that Jimmy Rollins purchased some of the publishing rights to Sean Kingston‘s and Justin Bieber‘s “Eenie Meenie.” Here’s the story I wrote about the opportunities presented to Rollins because of his successful baseball career. But here is more about what Rollins said about being involved in the music business.

Question: So you just bought the publishing rights to a Justin Bieber song?
Answer: Yes, Justin Bieber.

Question: Like, the whole song?
Answer: Not 100 percent of the publishing rights, but writers come up and they need money because when you do a song, a song goes out in January, you might not see money for six months, seven months, because it has to go all around the world. And then you’ve got the governing bodies, BMI, ASCAP, they have to check baseball stadiums, football stadiums, radio stations, TV shows, movies, all these things they have to check around the world before money is in the pipeline. So writers obviously might need an advance to get through some rough times, you make some phone calls and see if anything is available, I’ve got 5 percent, 10 percent of a song.

Question: And you know it will be profitable?
Answer: It’s not really a guess. You know roughly how much the song is going to bring in for that percentage. So basically you give them an advance and you get the publishing. So when you get that back and anytime it’s used, instead of going to them now it’s yours because you already gave them the advance. The cool part is that you own for the lifetime of the artist, plus 70 years after they die. I won’t be here to see it until its end, you know what I’m saying?

Question: So which songs do you have a piece of?
Answer: I’ve got Justin Bieber. I’ve got Snoop Dogg,’s “Sexual Eruption.” I had a chance to get Jamie Foxx‘s “Blame It (On the Alcohol),” which was a hit, but I was like I’m fine. I’ll do something like Justin Bieber, something more recent. Snoop, I just did that because I just really like the artist and I love that song. Just that beat. So that’s how that works out.

Question: I bet you never thought you’d be doing stuff like this back in high school?
Answer: Oh, hell no. All from the game of baseball. Take it while you can because one day my name is not going to be hot.


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That’s pretty smart. Jimmy sounds like he’ll continue to be pretty successful once his playing days are over.

The second link is wrong, by the way.

Damn, you guys are headed to the playoffs and your blogging about Justin Bieber and Snoop. I’d be more worried about the dilemma you face starting Friday. Your heading to face the most powerful home team in baseball, coming off a sweep and you are sitting Fat Boy, Gutley and Low Self Werth. Keep em on the bench and lose all your mo? play them, get spanked and lose all your mo? Screw up your rotation so that you can win and appear invincible? Your coming to our house now. SRO only. We are back in clutch mode. Well what’s it gonna be OZ? Out from behind you silly curtain?

First of all “billreef” apparently u need to keep up with the game because no one knows where we r headed next Wednesday! Who gives a crap what J-Roll talks about because if we do play ur team he’ll be all about sending u home for the season! Maybe ur team should prepare, or maybe ur team is one of the two that haven’t clinched just yet… And Howard, Utley, & Werth aren’t our whole team. Just an FYI, we didn’t have to change our rotation to take NL East from the Braves, Charlie thought about it but due to an off day we didn’t have to change a thing… Hope u enjoyed ur teams “postseason run”because its about to end… Aww, poor baby, u just got told by a girl… Learn ur facts before u talk smack next time!

Duh, FillyGirl, notice I said Friday not Wednesday and I know where you are heading on Friday. God you guys are clueless. Laughing at the Frilly Fans.

hey bullybeef, I’ll tell you where we’re going to be, we’ll be playing a meaningless series in the town that Sherman burnt. IF we’re nice we’ll continue to play ou benck and maybe allow you to clinch a place in the plyoffs (you’ll only lose to SD or SF anyway). If we’re mean, we’ll play our real lineup to tone them for the PA and you’ll lose all 3 again and sit the month of Oct on the beach.

See you in Spring training *******

….yawn…..Still playing for home field advantage I see, billreef. Curious to see how that will work out for you. Also curious to see what kind of pennant/flag the Braves will hoist for the wild card. I’m glad you and the casual Atlanta fans got a big weekend series coming up. We don’t.
We saw what the Braves are last week. I certainly don’t expect to see them against Philly after this weekend until the 2011 season.

Haha billreject…. Jroll just slammed ur arses! And no one cares where we r today, its wednesday that counts… Why talk about meaningless games? Oh, sry, meaningless to us cuz we already clinched… YOUR team still hasn’t clinched, and won’t if the Padres can pull through… If the braves r all that why couldn’t “ya’ll” stay in first? Oh yeah cuz the braves suck (cox)…. Deal with it, standing room only? Please, we sold out all season… And there r an awful lot of Phillies fans in “your house”… Nothing worse then a stupid redneck, who’s laughing now? And who’ll be crying in 2 weeks tops? Oh that’d be u, boo hoo, cry to mommy! Go make sure ur girl didn’t leave u and ur truck didn’t break down hillbilly! Meanwhile I’ll sit here watching my team own ur team knowing our season doesn’t end sunday! Good effort on knowing how to serve up home runs btw! Where’s Chumper Jones? Cuz Heywad isn’t cutting it… Too bad so sad!

Where are you reefer? Nothing to say phucker?

He’s off cheering for Conrad to throw another ball away, Conrad’s the best player on our team

I guess reefer is too much of a punk to show up with his meaningless comments about his suckfest of a team now that the Phillies have proven their dominance over and over and over again. Sorry about your luck reefer. Your team is lousy.

I guess reefer is too much of a punk to show up with his meaningless comments about his suckfest of a team now that the Phillies have proven their dominance over and over and over again. Sorry about your luck reefer. Your team is lousy.

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