Sounds Like Ruiz Is OK

ruiz 0812 2010.jpgReached Ruben Amaro Jr. today and asked him about Carlos Ruiz, who got hit with a pitch in his left elbow Sunday in Atlanta.

Ruiz visited team doctor’s today.

“All good,” Amaro said.

It sounds like Ruiz will be OK to play Wednesday in Game 1. We should know more tomorrow.


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Now that’s great news!!!! Choochtober is here…

Todd, is there any way that MLB can investigate the Braves suspicious pattern of leading the MLB in hit batsmen. There seems to be strange coincidences with the Brewers and the Phillies having key players getting hit in the elbow.

I think it’s only fair to give Hudson the benefit of the doubt and assume that these two pitches got away from him. It is odd that the two guys he hit were swinging the bats well. I think Ruiz had three hits one game against the Braves in that last series. However, even if Hudson didn’t mean to hit our guys, I think there are two kinds of mistakes. There are mistakes of malice, where you intend to harm someone and there are mistakes of incompetence, where your sloppiness and lack of concentration leads to problems. Though the latter mistake does not involve intent, I think it also requires some amendment, especially if it happens twice. When I was young I threw a baseball and it accidentally dented someone’s car. I recognize a need to apologize and make amends even though I did not mean to do this. Therefore, I feel that it would be appropriate for Hudson to send some kind words over to the Phillies and their fans. Just let us know that he feels as bad as we do and one just got away. And it is true that Johnny Venters fought his way out of a suspension after throwing, I think, twice at the head of Prince Fielder after he had hit a homerun- now my details may be wrong.

Phew! Losing Senor Octubre would be devastating.

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