Halladay Makes History

halladay nohitter 03.jpg

I feel like I’ve just written a million words, so I’m a little tapped out.

But that was awesome, wasn’t it?

I had missed Roy Halladay’s perfect game in May. I had missed Kevin Millwood‘s no-hitter in 2003. It became a running joke in the press box: whenever a pitcher had a no-hitter going reporters would joke it would not happen because I was there. But I was there tonight, and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

Like Harry Kalas liked to say, “You never know what you’ll see at the ballpark.”


Halladay got congratulatory phone calls from Vice President Joe Biden and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter after the game.


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Thanks Todd, I was waiting!!! Man, the Phillies have come so far from the days of Don Carman, Bruce Ruffin, etc. To have the best pitcher in baseball who can turn in the kind of performance he did today is just unbelievable and so amazing. Congrats Roy, and let’s see how our other 2 Aces fare. Let’s win another title gentlemen!

I’m so pissed at my local (Israeli) cable company. They stopped carrying ESPN 2 months ago, which means that because Fox was showing the other game, I couldn’t watch Roy’s no-no. What a game, though. The only concern I have is that after the second inning we only got 1 hit. One lousey hit against the Reds’ bullpen does not make me feel overly convident unless Oswalt and Hammels plan on throwing their own No-hitters in game 2 and 3. Lets get the bats off the shouldner and start hitting.

All that said, Hallady is a dream come true, the best pitcher in the game..a true ace and gentleman. And he’s ours for 2 more years!!
Ruiz for MVP

I WITNESSED HISTORY! To be at this game, honestly ranks up there with my wedding day and my children being born. This to me means more than any sporting event I have EVER witnessed. In the 4th, 5th, 6th inning you can start to feel the excitement building with every pitch. To hear 45, 000 people chanting ROLEN SUCKS, was amazing. The look of puzzlement on the Reds batters, was great. I will never forget where I was when, Phillips laid down the swinging bunt, that hit the bat laying in the infield, and Chooch threw the final out to the Big Piece, from his knees, I knew it was our time to celebrate with our PHILLIES! To be at this game with my brother, knowing that our dad was watching over it with us, brought tears to my eyes.

ReclinerGM has an excellent post up about the performance


Way to be a wet blanket, f-i-j. The phillies had enough runs in the first inning and it is all relative. The electricity in that ballpark was all when Roy was on the mound and nobody knew it better than the Phillies players. They’ll hit when they have to. That was the most dominating pitching performance I have ever seen by a Phillies pitcher, including his perfecto earlier this year.
The Reds players know that they now have to face Roy Oswalt and I suspect that their state of mind is not good. Shell-shocked would be appropriate, I think.

I have photos from the game if anyone wants to see some, stop by. Could not shoot in the rain, but I still did ok, despite the rally towels constantly in the way…lol That was amazing! So happy I could be there!


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