In Cincy for Game 3

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We’re live in Cincinnati …

Took an early morning flight with most of the Phillies beat writers, thinking the Phillies would be flying to Cincinnati following Game 2, which would allow us to get here in time for their afternoon workout. But it turns out the Phillies are smarter than us, flew here later in the day and are working out at 5 p.m.

It means that 5:30 a.m. alarm felt a little worse. Oh well. It’s beautiful today — it feels like summer — and it should be beautiful for Game 3 tomorrow night at Great American Ball Park.

Teams that took a 2-0 lead in the ALDS and NLDS since postseason expansion in 1995 are 31-4 in the series, so things are looking good for the Phillies, especially when you consider the Reds would need to beat Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt in order to come back.

The Reds might have shown their inexperience last night. Reds manager Dusty Baker touched on that today.

“They’re like the second or third tour for a military guy,” Baker said about the Phillies. “They’ve been here before. Most of our guys are first-tour guys. Where were they three years ago? The next year they won the World Series and the next year they went to the World Series. Plus their team has been together three, four, five years – most of them.”


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It always pays to have experience under your belt. The Phils have that and they’re off and running. Good Luck Phils. We’re behind you all the way🙂

All of your Phillies fans are with you in spirit In Cinncinnati.Know that and carry it with you!

I’ll be there cheering the team Sunday night (section 303), hopefully the Reds’ fans aren’t too hostile and hopefully Cole can complete the sweep.

Here’s a little off-day question for ya. Watching the Rays/Rangers game and noticed something that I’ve seen more of over the past few years: Players wearing their sunglasses on their caps.

If they suddenly find that they need the glasses, there’s no way they could flip them on in time to catch a fly ball. Since they obviously do not intend to put them on, I’m guessing that it’s in their Oakley or Nike contract someplace that they have to put the glasses on their hats if they don’t intend to wear them to show off the company logo. I’ve seen too many players doing this to think it’s a coincidence. As usual, I figure there’s money involved.

Maybe I’m being too cynical, but I’m also not naive enough to think that a big company would give a player something without the intent to advertise it. Any thoughts?

Careful, Phils phans, of which I am one.
The Reds will be a different team at home.
They’re young, but they won their division.
Don’t expect them to make another four errors in Game 3.

muleman………I have never thought about the sunglasses on the bill of the cap thing. And it would not surprise me if money is involved. But, Texas is a time zone or two away such that the sun was probably still out when they started the game anyway. Secondly, being more south than Philadelphia, daylight in Texas is longer than in Philadelphia.

In Texas, announcer just stated that the lights have taken full effect. 8:29 here.

@Jeff Fries…. WE… the Phillies are the ones that need to be careful? REALLY?!?!?!? in the Philly Inq and Daily news some colmnits correctly pointed out that whole oswalt over his career w as 23-3 vs Reds agaianst the 2010 REDS … Roy O had been hit HARD and had NO wins….

Cole hamels is 7-1 life times against the REDS and has done very well in the last 2 years vs THESE reds.

@Jeff Fries…. WE… the Phillies are the ones that need to be careful? REALLY?!?!?!? in the Philly Inq and Daily news some columnist correctly pointed out that while oswalt over his career was 23-3 vs Reds against the 2010 REDS … Roy O had been hit HARD and had NO wins….

Cole hamels is 7-1 life times against the REDS and has done very well in the last 2 years vs THESE reds.

Someone please help me out with this. I read an article a few days ago that Utley, Howard, Rollins, Victorino and Ruiz now hold the record for a quintet with most consecutive postseason starts at 32. So if these 5 hold the record for most consecutive postseason starts at 32, then wouldn’t the 6 of them, with Werth included, hold the record for most starts by a sextet on one team at 31? He only missed out on one game (Game 3 of the ’07 NLDS). This puzzles me. It seems like having 6 players start 30+ games is an even bigger deal. Why are they nudging out Werth here?!

pherris: Dusk is one time I notice it, although sometimes during the day games too, which is equally odd. Why would a player go out in the sun with glasses on his cap? Often, infielders standing in the late-afternoon shadows have them on their caps too. I’d guess that they have a “minimum innings of wear” clause in the deal someplace. Just something else to occupy my mind while waiting around for the next Phils game.
Whether they win it tonight or Monday, they’ll have plenty of time to set up the rotation for the LCS. By the way, it’ll be late-afternoon on Monday, too!

I’me sure there’s not one person on the Phillies team that’s looking past today’s game. They have been there before and know what can happen if they dont ” TAKE CARE OF BUISNESS, ONE DAY AT A TIME “. Charlie has been saying that forever, as well as the players. They know in order to get to tomorrow, they have to take care of today first.They’re a very disciplined team and they never quit. They could have easily given up on Fridays game and figured, we’ll just get’em Sunday, but that doesn’t happen to the Pills. The Reds have their backs to the wall and they know, even though they’re home and they have their home crowd, one mistake and their playing golf on Monday. Lets hope Cole pitches like he did in 2008. We know what happened then. LETS GO PHILLIES, ” one day at a time “

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