The Whistler

I got numerous tweets, e-mails and texts Friday about somebody whistling loudly (and annoyingly) on the TBS broadcast during Game 2 at Citizens Bank Park.

Here’s what I know:

TBS can’t do anything about any fans making any bizarre noises near one of its on-field microphones. It also has no plans to move any of its mics. The Phillies have two on-field mics when they broadcast on Comcast SportsNet and phl17. They are located to the left and right of the screen behind home plate. TBS is using more than two mics. They have the ability to isolate the sound to one of the mics and turn it down, if they want. But if the person whistling is near a mic that picks up the crack of the bat and the ball hitting the catcher’s mitt, TBS likely won’t turn it down.

Either this fan has no idea how annoying he is, or he knows he’s near a mic and is whistling loudly on purpose.

So there you go. It’s not much of an answer, but it’s a little bit of an explamation.


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you know that this isnt the first game he has done this at… its not a matter of TBS doing something, its about the fans and CBP doing something, all season you can hear him, but every year during the playoffs its amplified, but last game it was much much worse… And i dont believe for a minute he doesnt know how annoying he is

Honestly, I’ve never gotten a complaint about this guy until Friday. I asked if he could be picked up on the Phillies’ radio broadcast, but I was told he couldn’t. Remember I’m in the press box every game, so I’m not watching the TV broadcast or radio broadcast.

You have no idea how happy I am that this has been brought to someone’s attention. I am forced to mute my television or turn off the game because my family finds this person so annoying. In fact, while listening to the radio broadcast on Friday, my wife thought “The Whistler” resorted to other tactics upon hearing someone loudly yelling ‘RAAAUUUULL”.
PLEASE someone mute “The Whistler”!!

Friday marked game 83 this season that he has whistled. Every game on TV I can hear it and it’s annoying. And I’ve heard him before this season.

I do not like the TBS broadcasters at all so I listen to the radio broadcast. I did not hear the whistling at all in either game one or two.

Todd, thanks for rubbing that in. I’m sure you guys have a TV in the press box, try turning the volume up every so often and check out what the average fan has to put up with. If you want to be real anoyed, do it when the national guys are doing the play by play and McCarver is rambling on about BS….

He has been at several regular season games that I have been at also. He stands in center field just to the right of the pen. Annoying as hell!

Zo, are you able to bring it to the Phils attention to see if they can locate him????? Has to be somewhere in the vicinty of the CSN mics since it’s been going on since before this season.

What I don’t understand is why someone at the game didn’t clock him or at least dump a beer on him. I mean, seriously, this is a Phillies home playoff game and NO ONE shut this guy up? I’d do if I could get tickets, and I wouldn’t mind getting thrown out if I could save the playoff watching experience for a few million people. I’d consider it an honor.

That bozo is getting exactly what he wants . . . attention. “Look at me everybody, I can whistle real loud”. Big F’n whoop.

I’m with yuengling80 on this, I was yelling at the TV (like that does a lot of good) for someone sitting near him to take matters into their own hands. And I thought the ‘everybody hits whoo-hoo’ guy was annoying.

Never heard this hole before Friday, but he pretty much ruined the game watching experience. I’m a peaceful guy, but a little frontier justice would be welcomed tonight.

Thanks for telling us where you will be. I know at least four people who will be seeking you out, one of them in security.

… I meant next home game. Seriously, somebody ought to be able to put a stop to that.

I wrote a blog post about this yesterday morning:
It simply has to stop. I don’t think TBS needs to do something about it – I think the Phillies do.

I appreciate fan enthusiasm and all, but that guy is genuinely obnoxious and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible! I couldn’t even hear the commentators!

I’m the infamous “whistler” and a season ticket holder so get ur ear plugs or cotton balls for those who have sensitive hearing because I’m not going too stop!!!you can find at Ashburn alley Entertainment area!!!On the rights side of the bullpen….I will be there for game 1of the NLCS, so sad but true!!GO fightins!!!

The D-bag whistler must be stopped. He obviously has no regard for other fans. I cannot believe that anyone around him at the park hasn’t complained. TBS should be motivated to talk with the Phillies about doing something here as they must know they are turning off viewers. If you haven’t heard this d-bag there’s a short clip on youtube with a very small sampling of what occurred the entire game for both sides (the moron doesn’t seem to even have any purpose for his lame whistling):

until they hang this jerk by his thumbs (kidding, of course), try streaming the radio broadcast via with the broadcast video. hint – as the video is usually 5 to 10 seconds in advance of the audio feed, briefly pause your DVR to sync the feeds. this has the added benefit (huge, imho) of providing L.A. & Franske in lieu of the network talking heads. big smile.

Enough whining you big babies. You’re supposed to make noise at a game….it’s called “home field advantage”. I’m now motivated to find a mic and make as much noise as possible into it. Listen for my whistling on Saturday you bunch of whining “d-bags”.

rude1120 proves the point that there is always more than one d-bag in a crowd.

i will be with the whistler at the game saturday and i wish someone would try to pour beer on him,i will throw you right over the railing,if your tight ***** weren’t sitting in your seats and you were up cheering like your supposed to at a playoff game,you wouldn’t hear him whistling A-HOLES!

I know this A-hole’s Name, and he is a A-hole. It’s not the point of just being a fan and cheering and whistling, it’s being an annoying jerk. He does this on purpose that’s what he is known for now. He will not stop because he likes the attention it is getting. He needs to grow up. Anybody want his name, you can take it from there.

Here’s a close-up of the offender: ….. He’s wearing shades but maybe a someone will recognize him and publicize who he is? If you are at the Phillies ballpark you can text the word PHILLIES and your complaint to 69050.

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