Madson Loose Before Game 3

madson mask.jpg

A little behind-the-scenes access for y’all:

MLB has press conferences before every postseason game and workout. Charlie Manuel attends one every day. (He loves it!) The Phillies usually bring in the next day’s starting pitcher, a key everyday player or somebody else who’s a hot story.

The press conference are helpful for reporters because we have no clubhouse access before games like we have during the season. But sometimes they can be a little boring. We’ve asked just about everything we can ask of these guys. They’ve answered the same questions a million times. We know this. They know this. But people are baseball crazy right now, so we’ve got to feed the beast.

So thank goodness Sunday for Ryan Madson and Chad Durbin.

Madson entered the press conference wearing a mask that looked like a little similar to Miguel Cairo. Durbin played straight man. Madson played funny man.

“I’ve been wearing it every day to the playoffs, so I had to wear it again today,” Madson said.

I asked Madson an important question: When does he wear the mask? Certain times? Certain moments?

“Hot tub is where it debuted,” Madson said. “That was cool. But the first guy that walked in was Charlie Manuel and he shook his head. But I kept with it. The guys encouraged me, and I guess my favorite place to wear it would be probably the shower.”

I wrote a week ago about how Carlos Ruiz is perhaps the most well-liked guy in the clubhouse, but Madson got a ton of votes in my highly unscientific poll. Madson is extremely well-liked because of his sense of humor.

“I knew it was (Madson),” Manuel said, asked if he knew who it was in the hot tub. “I saw Chooch (Carlos Ruiz) with it on, too.”


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Hey all, just came across Madson’s Twitter page @ryanmadson46. Check it out

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