Manuel Keeps Quiet on Big Roy, Rotation, NLCS Roster

Charlie Manuel talked to reporters for 15 minutes before today’s simulated game at Citizens Bank Park.

Here’s a synopsis:

He said they have not decided on their rotation for the NLCS. Manuel wouldn’t even say Roy Halladay would pitch Game 1. Seriously.

“You can assume whatever you want to assume,” Manuel said. “I’m not trying to be cute.”

But then Manuel finally tipped his hand.

“Big Roy is Big Roy,” he said.

Halladay will pitch Game 1. Not sure about the rest. Manuel said they definitely could pitch Joe Blanton in Game 4, which would allow the Phillies to pitch Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels on normal rest in Games 5, 6 and 7.

Manuel also said they have decided nothing on their NLCS roster, although they would carry 11 pitchers instead of 10 if they decide Blanton will start Game 4.


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I’m going to one of the games this weekend, I just don’t know which one yet (my source is making me sweat it out). I hope it’s game #1 because that is going to be quite a pitchers’ duel.

I know that Charlie just likes to be Charlie and that’s fine, but it seems needlessly coy to not even name a game 1 starter.

Is Charlie being coy by not naming his game 1 starter at this time? What is the up side? Have the Giants announced their game 1 starter? Why should he tip his hand? I am sure the Giants would be happy with a split at CBP considering the next three games would be in San Francisco.

unless he announces DOc and then, at ast minute pitches Cole. Always keep them guessing if you can

Tip his hand? The entire universe knows it’s going to be Doc. So yeah, it’s dumb not to just say that.

phan: If it’s game 1, there’s a Flyers game at 7, so get there early. We have Sunday, but the Eagles fans should be out of the area by 8:00.

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I wonder if they’ll stay Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels in that order?
Blanton will most certainly go in game 4, unless they are in jeopardy of being eliminated, which is highly unlikely. Most likely it’ll be the Giants looking at being eliminated. Game #1 is huge. Win game 1 and it’s a short series. Lose it and it’s a long grind.

Awww. Is your mommy taking you to game 1, phan52? Enjoy your walk in the park through the NL. The World F-ing champs are gonna make Halladay remember what the AL East was like

Awww. Is your mommy taking you to game 1, phan52? Enjoy your walk in the park through the NL. The World F-ing champs are gonna make Halladay remember what the AL East was like

I don’t know who’s more of a tool, billybobreefer over on the ATL blog or “can’t find a date” evilempire. I guess I’ll go with evil, since he knows absolutely nothing about baseball, while billybob knew a little (i think).

Thinking Hamels might go Game #2 since it is at night?

I want to congratulate the Phillies for their outstanding play. I am a Dodger fan but, I appreciate good baseball. I will be cheering you guys on and hope you pound the much hated Giants. GO PHILLIES!!!!!

Todd, I’m going to the Flyers game on Saturday and I don’t want to miss a second of the Phils first game. Do you happen to know if 7:57 is the time that the first pitch will be thrown or is that the time that the pre-game comes on? Any insight you can shed will be greatly appreciated! Phils in 5…

Good news, Hollywood. The Flyers have re-scheduled the game to 6:00, so you’ll have an extra hour of hockey. It’ll be interesting to see if the Wells Fargo Center starts to empty during the second period.
The Fox broadcast is scheduled to start at 7:30, which is likely the pre-game. 7:57 sounds like a typical TV/MLB first pitch time so that the ratings get the quarter hour before and after 8. There’s no way the pre-game show would start at 7:57.

I know the game was bumped, just trying to figure out when I should leave the game, my guess is the first pitch will be a little after 8 but I just wanted to confirm if you knew anything Todd.

I pick the Rangers in 6 against the Yuckees. I don’t think they have a chance. besides, Halladay vs Lee in game 1 of the Ws is too good a matchup not to happen.

ANyone want to start a pool on how many hits Doc gives up in game 1? I am going with 4 hits and 1 ER.

hollywood: First pitch will be at 7:57. I thought I was clear on that. Not “a little after 8.”

I see that tcd133@aol, the dateless wonder is back. (he changed to evilempire after he ended up getting loads of unwanted email). How stupid does somebody have to be to use his email address as his handle on an anonymous blog?
Let him know how much you care. is waiting.

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