Blanton Will Start Game 4

blanton 0828 2010.jpgCharlie Manuel confirmed what he had been saying all week: Joe Blanton will pitch Game 4 of the National League Championship Series tomorrow night at AT&T Park.

Here is what Manuel, Rich Dubee and Roy Halladay had to say after today’s 3-0 loss in Game 3:

Q: Was there any discussion to start Halladay on short rest?
A: I didn’t see any use in discussion. Did you? Whatever. No. No discussion.

Q: Why not Halladay on short rest?
A: You had to determine if you were going to pitch (Roy) Oswalt and (Cole) Hamels short or you were going to pitch Joe Blanton somewhere. So we think this is the best thing to do.
Q: Charlie left the door open this week during his press conferences that he could go in another direction. Was it ever discussed?
A: I don’t think so. I really haven’t come across going up to him and saying what do you think of moving guys up? No.
Q: Is that because Hamels hasn’t done it?

A: We think it’s the best way to go. Again, if you move one up you’ve got to move all three up. If you move one up and then you pitch Joe, well then you’re pitching him anyway. We think Joe is very capable. Again, don’t slight this guy. This guy has pitched us some good baseball for us in the second half. And he’s pitched well in San Francisco.
Q: What’s the downside of moving up all three?
A: One, Roy (Halladay) is coming up on a career-high in innings pitched. Two, Cole has never done it. And any time you move guys up you’re taking them out of a routine that’s pretty solid.
Q: So no thought of pitching Halladay tomorrow and Blanton in Game 5?
A: You’re going to pitch Blanton anyway. So why not pitch him tomorrow? What’s the difference. You’ve got to win four games in the series. What’s it matter if it’s Game 4 or Game 5?
Q: Momentum?
A: They had momentum after Game 1, didn’t they? We won Game 2. 

Q: Did you tell then you would be available on short rest, if needed?
A: I told both them I would pitch whenever. I think they know that. I don’t think there has to be a lot said. It’s their call at that point.
Q: Did you prepare like you could start on short rest?
A: No, I prepared like normal. It wouldn’t make a big difference. It would still be the same stuff. You just pitch a day early.
Q: Are you disappointed you won’t get that chance?
A: No, I’ll pitch when they want me to pitch. That’s their call. That’s it.


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phan: I think it’s because “the media” had decided that Halladay would start on short rest. Last year, they had decided that Lee should do it, and they still say that now, one of the reasons the Phils traded Cliff was that he was unwilling to start on short rest. “They” wanted Halladay to start tomorrow, and since Charlie had already decided to start Blanton, it didn’t fit with their thinking, so they badger. On Wednesday, we’ll read commentary about how Halladay should be starting. It’s a game that writers and commentators play.

It’s part of the 24/7 world of sports media. There is no letup, and things like this blog and sports radio play into it. They need content, and this is feeding time.

Why is the media badgering Charlie and Halladay about this? It’s Charlie’s decision and his only. Halladay is going to pitch no matter what at some point and Blanton is a solid pitcher. It’s up to the offense to wake up anyway.

I don’t see the value in starting Halladay and then the others on short rest. The simple truth is – you have to score runs to win. Who’s pitching doesn’t matter if the offense doesn’t score. Cole didn’t pitch terribly today. Halladay didn’t pitch that bad in Game 1. In both loses, the Giants “got that big hit” when they had opportunities. The Phils didn’t.

You have to score runs to win.

Okay, okay time to start playing baseball boys!!!!! I don’t know if anyone saw it but I don’t see the hunger in their eyes. Is it because they’ve been there before. But guess what if they are not hitting they ain’t going anywhere. Come on Phillies, wake up, it’s time to play baseball. I am frustrated too because I don’t see it, I don’t see the kid in any of them anymore. What happened?

I dont see what the big deal is Blanton has to pitch one of the games anyway. I also think he deserves it he did a nice job this year. You have to tip your cap to bochy he pulled all the right moves to steal game 1 and he did it again in game 3 . The phils bats will wake up but I hope its not too late. The only thing that scares me is the phils have never faced bumgarner and I don’t know how that will play out. If the phils drop game 4 the series is still not over doc will not lose game 5 all we need is to get the series back to philly.

Big John Philly

We see how well using the 4th starter worked for the Yanks in a must win situation. Oh well, lose tomorrow and face Lincecum in the deciding game – not a good outlook with this pathetic offense. We wouldn’t be in this spot if Lee was still here since he would’ve pitched a shutout in game 1 and won 3-0. The Rangers should send a thank you note to Rube. Halladay is great but he’s no Lee at this moment. There’s always next year!!!

All this nonsense about Cliff Lee. This is not about Cliff Lee. All you guys have to do to win is hit. You have three aces at the top of your staff. Provide any of them with a few runs and you will be fine. How did we (Jays) beat you in 93? We hit. The pitching was all over the place (especially yours :-)). Just get some hits, knock SF off, and then you can beat Texas. And for all of you Cliff Lee lovers, maybe he will beat Halladay twice and you can still win the world series!

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