Hamels vs. Cain

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Hola, amigos. What’s up? It’s been a long day, so I haven’t had a chance to blog.

My bad.

Cole Hamels and Matt Cain spoke yesterday at AT&T Park. They’re ready to go today in Game 3. I know Hamels does not have great numbers at AT&T Park, but I feel like he’s going to pitch a good game. Not sure why I think that other than he’s really, really good and is due to pitch a good game here, but I do. I think the Phillies can hit Cain, too.

Other predictions: Cody Ross doesn’t hurt the Phillies the rest of the series. … Joe Blanton pitches Game 4. … Jimmy Rollins finds his stroke. … I make an In-N-Out run before Wednesday’s game.


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Tim McCarver kept going on and on about Ryan Howard doing something different with one shoulder or the other and thus able to better hit to the opposite field. Does McCarver know what he is talking about? If so, did Howard do something different because of Sanchez or has he suddenly had some sort of epiphany?

Cole has never pitched in this park with this current array of pitches under his command. When he pitched here in April, he was just learning to use his cutter, and he wasn’t pitching from the middle of the rubber. Also, I seem to remember that Dubee adjusted his arm angle slighty, which has given him great command of the cutter, as well as a much better curve. Cole will be real nasty today, just like he was against superior offense of Cincinnati…I hope Jimmy has found his stroke. Paraphrasing previous posts, he needs to keep his sights set LOWER, as in the lower half of the strike zone, that is.

It’s almost worth the Giants beating the Braves *just* to have access to In N Out Burger for this series; which location do we think Todd hit? Did he go off menu? so, so many questions this opens up…

Five Guys burgers are just as good, maybe better than In N Out. Not that In N Out aren’t pretty good. Had ’em in LA.
Cole Hamels is a different pitcher since around June when he started to get better command of the cutter. He’s been their best pitcher for about 2-3 months now, and that’s saying a lot. Go Phillies!!!

Never had bad food in the Bay area. Had to laugh when I read about Taco Bell introducing shrimp tacos. Had them several year ago in SF. Love the food, the weather and the diverse population. The most disappointing thing was the paucity of seals on the Wharf.

Love the Anchower reference, Todd. I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, man…

Pitching, pitching, pitching. Not a shocker in this series. Meanwhile, McCarver yakking about what a tough sun field left field is, yet the outfielders still have their glasses on their hats instead of over their eyes where sunglasses belong. I know, I’m obsessed with it, but it’s both odd and unusual. Hey – gotta find something to look at.

Hmmm … and what was that about Cody “Babe” Ross?

Ouch, you guys must be stuffing some Cheese Steaks now. Man, what happened to your vaunted offense that PhallisPain and DonkeyBoy were so confident about. You know that Phan 52 invited me over here to gouge you guys after you won one game in the series, looking kind of foolish now. I was thinking this could be over before you guys get out of SF. I wonder if anyone will be whistling at Lincecum now???

Utley’s sunglasses are on his hat. One-hop grounder goes off his right arm. Why bother wearing them on your hat if you aren’t going to put them on your face? I’m just saying. The errors bear me out.

they changed it to a hit, but yeah, if you’re not going to use them, why wear them?

f.i.j.: Scorer, schmorer. It’s a bonehead play. Why put them on the hat? Because the contract says to put them on display. I think there’s a story here, and if I was a reporter (or blogger -hint) I’d explore it. Why put them on the hat?

Let’s see our 25 million dollar man sets strikeout record last post season and now he has no rbi and has been a non-factor – yes, money well spent ….

I bow down humbly in the presence of such geratesns.

Ouch. That was a sad display of clutch (or lack of) hitting.

Billybob: Don’t you have a tee-time with your boy Brooks Conrad tomorrow?

billreef: Wow, a cheese steak reference. How well-informed you are about life in Philadelphia. And when did I ever express confidence in the offense? How’s the living room chair working for your Braves?

muleman, I’ve been LOL at your obsession with the sunglasses, but now I have to agree with you. That ball hit to Chase was not a line drive and he was out of position to make the play. It could have been the glare that got him there.
But that ain’t why they lost. We’ve seen these slumbering bats a lot this year, usually bailed out by the pitching. Well, nobody is bailing them out when they have three hits. Cain actually sruggled some with two hit batters and three walks but the Phillies couldn’t capitalize. They should be winning these low scoring games but nobody is scoring runs on reputation. They have to start earning their cheese, starting tomorrow. Blanton should be fine because he’s not facing Murderers’ Row, but not if the bats stay silent.

phan: Sooner or later, everybody comes around to my way of thinking. I’m not saying (as you) that’s why they lost, but the sunglasses thing is an issue with me. You have to wonder.
Regardless of who pitches tomorrow, they can’t win without hitting. Period.

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