Can the Phillies Hit This Guy?


Lots of nervous Phillies fans out there.

Lots of people wondering why the Phillies would not start Roy Halladay over Joe Blanton in Game 4. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with it. Not even a little bit. Because if the Phillies can’t hit Madison Bumgarner tonight to even the series, does it really matter who they pitch? I’d rather take my chances with Blanton, assume a dormant Phillies offense hits a rookie left-hander and have Halladay ready to go on normal rest in Game 5.

If the Phillies win tonight, I like the idea of having Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels on normal rest the rest of the series. If the Phillis lose tonight, I’d much rather have Halladay on normal rest with something to prove (don’t think his Game 1 performance isn’t a motivator) than Oswalt on short rest in an elimination game.

But they’ve got to hit. Simple as that.


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I agree with both of you. no doubt about it. It is going to come down to the phillies offense tonight. Regardless who pitches the phils need their offense to score a few runs. They need to shake the line-up a little. not by putting chooch up a little. by benching Raul and put Ben in there to hit 7th. my line-up for tonight would be:
1. J Roll
2. Chase
3. Polly
4. Howard
5. Jayson
6. Shane
7. Ben
8. Chooch
9. Big Joe

with victorino leading off it takes away his speed. if he was to get on base he isn’t gonna be running with Chase, Polly, Howard, or Jayson up to bat. put him down at 6 and if he gets on leave him steal a few bags with Ben and Chooch up who are two fastball hitters and don’t mind hitting with two strikes.

“But they’ve got to hit. Simple as that.” I agree. The pitching debate, to me, misses the point for this series so far. It is time for the/one or two veterans to step up and get hits. We need some 2 – 4s or 3 – 4s. And while home runs at the right time (with men on base) would be nice, I actually would prefer some small ball. Swinging for the fences every at bat will likely result in another 14 – 15 strikeout performance. I am really nervous to write this – but their current body language reminds me of late July/early August. Hope I am wrong. Go Phils!

First comment, been enjoying this blog Todd over the last year since I found it through the Phillies facebook.

A VERY valid point, should we win or lose it will be nice having Halladay coming up on normal rest V’s their ace rather than Blanton or Oswalt on short rest. I really hope Manuel is vindicated tonight in sticking with Joe. Bit annoyed (and fed up) at all the media and their constant Halladay questions yesterday.

Bottom line: doesn’t matter if we have Cy Young pitching, we need runs. Since we are not hitting might have to play some small ball and advance runners round. More of a question to me than the starting pitcher is the order of the line up for tonight! I’d be tempted to move Chooch up, shake it up a bit – but perhaps thats why I’ll be sitting at home watching instead of in the dugout.

Fingers crossed, keep the phaith – GO PHILS!

This is just the kind of guy that the Phillies traditionally struggle against although, right now, they appear to be struggling against everybody. Hopefully the kid gets a case of the jitters facing the Phillies in such a big game. He’s only 21. Blanton’s been there before.

Hitting would be great, but we also know that Cody Ross can hit them outta the park. Why doesn’t Charlie just walk that guy every time he comes to the plate? I agree that Rollins should hit leadoff. I think he does much better in that spot than in 6th.

Cody Ross is hitting everything. I thought Cole pitched him well. He just reached down and got a hit. Not a bad pitch. I’m running out of fingers counting the games that the Phils have been shut out behind Hamels. I agree with the decision to start Blanton. Out of all the starters, he probably gets the most run support besides Moyer.

D*mn, there is no joy in Mudville, the Fat Boy has struck out. Now you guys have to face the Freak, who is home and isn’t worried someone will throw something at him. You’ll be joining on the links real soon. HA!!!!

Great game. After Rollins booted Cody Ross’ double play ball, Madson took the ball back and said “I got you.” Then he throws another double play and Rollins thanks him at the dugout steps. I thought that was a great moment. But I gotta tell ya…as soon as Manuel sent Oswalt to the mound in the 9th I thought of Steve Rogers doing the same thing against the Dodgers in 1981. Monday hit the homer to send Dodgers to World Series. That kind of weird stuff with the starters never seems to work out.

Charlie made some weird decisions (Durbin staying in, Oswalt) and the Giants made plays and had big hits. The Phillies were scuffling all night long and I am actually surprised they had a chance to win in the end. The Giants are just playing better right now.
Charlie just said there was never any thought to make Rollins bunt Werth over in the 8th or to pinch hit for Francisco against Romo. Never thought I’d say it, but Rollins is a weak link right now. I don’t think I ever heard a Phillies announcer say the words, ‘Rollins boots it’ in a big spot, and then he pops up with a runner on second with no outs. That 8th inning was when they should have won the game. I think Valdez should play tomorrow. This isn’t over yet.

Ok – so that’s it for 2010. Yes, I know it’s a best of 7 series. But the Phils look pathetic. The offense has been nonexistent. The team looks like they have no heart. So Let’s start thinking about next year. No way with an offense that struggled most of the season and didn’t show up for the playoffs you can let Werth go via free agency. He has to stay even if it costs the Phils $15 million per season. He’s a gold-glove cailber outfielder with a cannon arm, a base-stealer and has the right handed pop the Phils need to balance out their lefty-heavy lineup. Werth is already making near 8 million a year. The Phils only need to come up with 10-12 to sign Werth and deal with the salary increases other player will incur. Trade Ibanez. His contract is near 12 million. That’s enough of a savings right there to lock Werth up. Werth is 31 and about to enter his prime. Raul is 38. His productive days are numbered. Werth’s numbers over the past two years have outshined Ibanez’s and Werth is likely to only get better. Need more money…send 104 year old Jamie Moyer and his 8 million dollar paycheck packing. His contract’s up. Let him walk.

Rollins is the weak link? I don’t think so. The weak link is Charlie.

I think the reason why Charlie never thought about having Jimmy bunt Jayson over to third was that he knew that Jimmy would try to leg out a hit and could end up reaggrevating the hamstring injury…… Pherris, you may be right about Charlie, but it’s a fact that good plays by players can also make BAD decisions look good. The Phils didn’t cover for Charlie. Decisions will always be judged by the results. They aren’t good or bad until something happens or doesn’t happen. Heck, it could be all based on good or bad LUCK. Cole being the unluckiest pitcher on the planet…..

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