Florida On Your Mind?

Thumbnail image for spring training day 1.JPGIt seems more and more people are going to Clearwater every March for Spring Training, so I thought I’d pass along information about 2011 Spring Training travel packages. If you go, just make sure to hit up Lenny’s for breakfast. And Frenchy’s for a grouper sandwich. And Island Way Grill for the best meal on the beach.

From a Phillies press release:

Fans will once again have the chance to watch the National League East Champion Phillies play at Spring Training in Clearwater, Florida, with unique travel packages that include a new “Spring Training for Seniors” trip. All official Phillies Spring Training Packages include game tickets, hotel accommodations, car rental, a brunch* at Bright House Field with select Phillies broadcasters and players, a $25 gift certificate to the team store at Bright House Field, parking passes and a Phillies travel bag, cap and t-shirt.

Phillies Spring Training Packages being offered include:

  • Two Early Bird Spring Training Weekend packages: February 26-28, 2011 and March 4-March 6, 2011.
  • Three Grand Slam Spring Training packages: March 11-14, 2011; March 18-21, 2011; and March 25-28, 2011.
  • Spring Training for Phillies Seniors: a five night/five game package from March 8-13, 2011 that includes escorted motorcoach transportation.

For more information or to make reservations, please visit http://www.phillies.com/philliesvacations or call 1-877-833-7326.


NL Gold Glove awards are announced later today. 


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OK, so we’re pumping Spring Training travel packages (conveniently available on the Phillies’ web site) but there has been no mention of the 2011 ticket price increase.
I suppose this blog is yet another marketing arm of the Phillies.

Mule, you have noticed who pays Todd’s salary, rght? Of course he has to play the corporate line at times. I’d rather he play ball with this stuff and give us the unfiltered news about the players, etc and not the other way around.

Actually, I’d guess that Todd works for Major League Baseball and is assigned to cover the Phillies, since he used to work for the Inquirer.
Regardless, whomever pays his salary shouldn’t be an influence over disseminating information – like ticket price increases – that might be negative in nature.
He should be reporting ALL the news, not just some of it.

muleman….If you don’t like the content of Todd’s blog, why don’t you go over and join the Phan forum, on the Phillies website. There you’ll get all the info you need. And can rant and rave along with all the other “fans” who don’t think the Phillies do anything right.

you have to remember that TOdd is only one part of the Phillie’s web site, and his blog is only one thing he does. I seem to recall an article on the rise in prices with a comparison of prices around the league, but it could have been in the Inky. In any case, Todd gives us the sports news, not the press releases (generally)

norma: Look at the attitude on you! If you’re a season ticket holder, I hope you enjoy paying your price increase. Pardon me for wanting to get information to the fans. For you, it’s all sunshine and happiness. Keep your head in the sand if you want. I prefer to talk about reality.
It is possible to be a fan and still be critical when necessary.

f.i.j.: I don’t understand. What is “sports news” about promoting spring training trips? I got the exact same e-mail from the Phillies, which sounds exactly like a press release to me.

I think this is sports news. Not everyone is a season ticket holder and maybe wouldn’t know about this type of trip that is available. I think Todd does a great job of keeping us informed whether it be Victorino’s Gold Glove award or silly stuff like Ryan Madson wearing the goofy Halloween mask. That’s why I read it just about every day. Plus I get to discuss all such items with all such great fans. Sunshine & happiness, Muleman🙂

mule….I AM a season ticket holder. And NOT happy about the price increase. My point was…..Why should Todd post something like that on a blog? Mostly what he would have gotten is a bunch of complaining. That’s not what THIS blog is all about.
And I agree, “It is possible to be a fan and still be critical when necessary.” But all you do IS criticize!

muleman, this blog isn’t about complaining? Could have fooled me.
Not only did the Phillies raise prices but they have capped season tickets and started a waiting list. Nothing about that here in sunshine land.

Thanks phan.

norma: Oh, c’mon; you wouldn’t have complained about the price increase. You would have said, “They have given us so much over the years that it’s the least we can do, to give something back to them!”
You can read what you want into my comments. I’m sorry if I don’t always see the rosy picture painted by the ballclub and their “promotional department.”
Why should he post it? Because he posts junk about spring training trips. Equal time.
… and it’s muleman. You don’t know me well enough to call me mule.

happy, happy, joy, joy.

muleMAN…….If you don’t believe I complained about the price increase, you should talk to my family! LOL! And I guess if we’re going to be so formal, you should address me as norma*48*. 🙂

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