Victorino Wins Gold Glove

victorino catch.jpgShane Victorino
won his third consecutive Gold Glove today.

Victorino, the only Phillies player to win a Gold Glove this year, is the first Phillies outfielder to win three consecutive Gold Gloves since Garry Maddox won eight consecutive Gold Gloves from 1975-82.

Victorino tied for the league lead in assists (11) and finished fifth out of 37 qualifying outfielders in fielding percentage (.995) and range factor per game (2.59).

He is the sixth player in franchise history to win three or more Gold Gloves. Mike Schmidt (10), Maddox (eight), Manny Trillo (three), Scott Rolen (three) and Jimmy Rollins (three) are the others.


The Phillies coaching search continues. Juan Samuel is the frontrunner to replace Davey Lopes. Ryne Sandberg is a candidate to manage in Triple-A. Mickey Morandini also is in the picture to coach in the minors.


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Congratulations, Shane!
Although I really have to wonder about the credibility of the award if they keep giving them to Derek Jeter.

phan….My son’s wondering the same thing!

My contempt for the award goes back to the days when Concepcion would win it over Bowa, mostly because Concepcion could hit.

When the AL awards came out, one ESPN writer said, “If you give enough Gold Glove awards to Ichiro, eventually he’ll get one he deserves.”
In the NL, one Yahoo sports blogger wondered why Utley hadn’t won it over Phillips, since he had an “outstanding year.” I wonder if they even watch the games sometimes.

Mostly, awards are just so much fluff.

muleman…..I’ve seen a couple of bloggers make the same comment. I’m not sure that Chase had an *outstanding* year, defensively. (He sure didn’t have offensively!) But he’s constantly being snubbed for GG’s. He’s definitely one of the best offensive 2nd baseman in all of BB. Just not sure how much errors equate in the selection. He usually averages around 8-10 a year. But in my opinion, that’s not all that bad for a 2nd baseman.

norma: Actually, I understated. I found the column, written by Rob Neyer of ESPN. Direct your comments at him:
“Cincinnati’s Brandon Phillips is a good second baseman. Not a great second baseman. Good enough where you really can’t be upset when he wins a Gold Glove. This is his second Gold Glove, though. Meanwhile, Chase Utley — who merely had yet another phenomenal season at second base — still has not won even one. Granted, Utley played only 114 games at second this year. But he was still [sic] saved more runs than anybody else in the league.”

Apparently, Neyer has his own criteria (as well as typing issues) for issuing GGs. He also griped that Victorino has won 3, thinking that there were other eligable candidates. He also called giving Rolen the award “unfortunate” for Zimmerman.

The whole Gold Glove fiasco is too difficult to substantiate. Errors? Great players make errors. How do you quantify great defensive play? I’m not sure why it’s necessary to give out individual awards in a team game to begin with, but I digress.

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