Phillies Hire Samuel

The Phillies announced today they have hired Juan Samuel to be their third base coach and outfield instructor.

Sam Perlozzo, who served as the team’s third base coach the previous two seasons, will move from third base to first base and handle the team’s base running instruction. The Phillies hired Samuel because Davey Lopes, who handled the team’s outfield and base running duties as first base coach the previous four seasons, left the organization following a stalemate during contract negotiations.

Samuel and Perlozzo join pitching coach Rich Dubee, hitting coach Greg Gross, bench coach Pete Mackanin and bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer on the 2011 coaching staff.

“I feel fortunate that we were able to add someone of Juan’s stature to our coaching staff,” Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said in a statement. “He was a tremendous Major League player and a big part of Phillies history and I’m looking forward to him passing on his knowledge of the game to our players. He’s a great addition to our organization.”


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Todd what does Sam Perlozzo know about base stealing? He had ZERO steals in his 2 year MLB career. Sammy, on the other hand, had almost 400 steals. Why doesn’t he coach 1st base instead and Perlozzo can continue coaching 3rd, where I thought he did a fine job.

phillies!!: Perhaps coaching third was the only way Samuel would sign-on? He coached third in Baltimore. Besides, I think Sam can hold a stopwatch.

I assume Sammy wouldn’t sign up as a 1st base, token minority hire coach. But I agree with Phillies!!, this makes no sense, unless we are planning on stealing home a lot.
Letting Lopes go over a few bucks and a distorted coaches salary structure was a mistake. He was the best 1st base coach in the majors.

Charlie holds a stopwatch too, Muleman, you think he (or Sam) can handle the running game as well as Lopes?

Meanwhile, Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Phillies have contacted Jermaine Dye. Oh boy.

jimmymack: I can’t believe we’re discussing first base coaches! “Best first base coach in the majors.” Wow. How many other first base coaches can you name?

Perlozzo got a lot of credit for making Howard a better first baseman, and he played 2B and 3B in his 12-game Major League career (with 0 steals, by the way) so what makes you think he can’t handle the running game? You don’t know.

I’ve never seen Charlie with a stopwatch in the dugout. Which games are you watching?

Don’t get this move. I think Samuel will be a great coach for us, but we needed a 1st base coach, not a third base one. If Charlie wanted Sam out at third, he should have fired him. WHat good will he be at first? All he’s good for is telling people to run when they dhould have stopped, and to stop when they should have run. AS for his ability to coach infielders, Can’t Samuel do that, too? He was a MLB 2nd baseman afterall

Jermaine Dye beats up lefties, but he sat out the 2010 season. What is that about?
And f-i-j, Samuel may have been a 2nd baseman, but he wasn’t a very good one. I wouldn’t want him instructing my infielders.

phan: Here’s the Dye story:

Check out some of the names mentioned as potential RF candidates and see how that ties into Ruben’s proclamation that they get younger. Dye will be 37 in January.

f.i.j.: A story in the Inquirer today says that Samuel will coach the outfielders and Perlozzo will coach the infielders.

Manuel said, “When I talked to [Perlozzo] on the phone, I could see how much he was interested in being a baserunning coach again, and I always felt like the baserunning coach should coach first base.”
That explains why Perlozzo is coaching first base.

Mule: Saw the article as well. I still don’t get it. Just because he wants to coach the baserunners, doesn’t mean he’s capable of doing it. I want to find a cure for cancer, make a trillion bucks and have a diferent woman every night..what does that have to do with reality? I can’t see Sam, who was notvery good at deciding when to go home from 3rd, being a good baserunning coach for the Phillies who average success over the past 3 yars was over 80%.

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