Phillies, Contreras Agree to Two-Year Contract

contreras 01.jpgThe Phillies have reached an agreement with Jose Contreras on a two-year, $5.5 million contract, according to a source. The contract includes a club option for 2013. first reported last night the parties were close to a deal.

Contreras, 38, went 6-4 with a 3.34 ERA in 67 appearances this season – his first full season as a relief pitcher. He quickly became a favorite for Charlie Manuel, picking up three of his four saves in May when Brad Lidge and Ryan Madson were on the disabled list.

The Phillies now have six free agents. The Phillies are interested in bringing back Jayson Werth and Chad Durbin. The Phillies have had discussions about Werth, although it is believed he will sign elsewhere. Durbin could be back, depending on what kind of deals he finds elsewhere. The other free agents — J.C. Romero, Jamie Moyer, Mike Sweeney and Greg Dobbs — are not expected back.


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This is a good signing. It was obvious that Charlie trusted him over some of the other guys in that bullpen. Contreras was probably the Phillies most dependable relief pitcher in the postseason. If Charlie had used him instead of making Madson pitch two innings in game 6, the Phillies very well may have won that game. I still can’t figure out why Charlie did that. I have no problem having the big guy for another two years. He has nasty stuff and apparently has taken to being a relief pitcher.

I’m not sure if there’s now room for Durbin. We have Lidge, Madson, Baez, Contreras, and possibly Bastardo coming back. Give one spot to whoever doesn’t get #5 starter to pitch long relief, and I see one spot left, with Ruben looking for a FA lefty.

To keep Durbin, they’d have to eat Baez’s 2.75 million, or go with one lefty (not my favorite idea).

Another lefty is far more important than Durbin. But I still think they will eat Baez’s contract if he shows again that he can’t do it in th spring, so his spot is not a given. You never know with relief pitchers. Baez could bounce back and have a terrific season.

Buster Posey wrote on ESPN today that he sees the Phils going after Scott Downs, Toronto’s left-handed relief pitcher. He’s a Type A free agent, but Posey thinks that the two draft picks they’d give up for signing him will be mitigated by the two they’d get back for losing Werth. It makes sense, and Downs would be a nice addition to the bullpen. He’s 34 years old, so he’d fit right in on this roster.

I’m not sure there’s room for Durbin either, and I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Kendrick go. It’s just a gut feeling that I don’t think they have any confidence in him.

I don’t see the Phillies going after Downs. I think they are more in the market for a situational lefty and Downs is more than that.
There is the issue of him being a Type A, and the fact that he will be expensive as well. I like him a lot, but I don’t see him fitting what they are looking for. I see them looking at guys like Feliciano and Takahashi.

One big reason they signed Contreras to an extension was that they needed something for Baez to do next year………..translate for Contreras. lol

muleman, you must mean Buster “the Phils are going to trade Ryan Howard for Albert Puhols” Olney. Not the rookie of the year, Buster Posey.

I’d much rather have Durbin than Contreras because of age (when over 35 yo relievers go , they go fast) and besides, giving him TWO years at his age, hmm. They have Baez ( with his dead money) in the bullpen already. Besides, Durbin can pitch more than ONE inning and Contreras, not soo much.

The phillies have a number of younger relievers who could factor in to the 7th or 8th inning mix too. This team NEEDS to get younger. Smells like more of the Charlie Manual ” I don’t trust younger players” philosophy. It’s getting old just like THIS roster is, sadly.

erichh: HA. Yeah, the “Olney” Buster. I guess I had Posey on the brain after the ROY announcement.

Phils have signed local lefty (Kingsway Regional) Dan Meyer to a split contract. He’s had some success on the ML level. Not a bad signing. Adds lefty depth and could be a find.

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