Phillies, Contreras Could Be Close to Deal

Jose Contreras is one free agent the Phillies want to see in red pinstripes in 2011.

They could be close. reported Sunday night the Phillies are nearing a two-year, $5 million contract with Contreras. The report also said Contreras could receive a third year in an option based on performance incentives.

Contreras, 38, went 6-4 with a 3.34 ERA in 67 appearances this season – his first full season as a relief pitcher. He quickly became a favorite for Charlie Manuel, picking up three of his four saves in May when Brad Lidge and Ryan Madson were on the disabled list.

The Phillies have seven free agents, and Contreras has been the most likely to resign. The Phillies also are interested in bringing back rightfielder Jayson Werth and right-hander Chad Durbin. The Phillies have had discussions about Werth, although it is believed he will sign elsewhere. Durbin could be back, depending on what kind of deals he can find elsewhere.


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Assuming we lock up Contreras, I’d prioritize Durbin over Werth. Of course it would be great to have both, but there are cheaper options in the OF that can be a stop gap until Domonic Brown has some more time to develop. And with the rotation we’ll have next year, a strong bullpen for the late innings is going to be more important than offense (since we shouldn’t need much to win games).

Great that they are close to bringing back Contreras!! As for the Werth situation, we need two corner outfielders. One to replace Werth this year, and one to replace Ibanez next year. Assuming that Brown will repace Ibanez’s LHB we need a quality RHB to replace Werth!! Money will have to be spent either this year, or next. Time to be crative with salary structure RAJ!

It’s been a while but it looks like pherris is back off his meds.
Contreras was probably the Phillies most dependable relief pitcher in the postseason. If Charlie had used him instead of making Madson pitch two innings in game 6, the Phillies very well may have won that game. I have no problem having the big guy for another two years.

Come on! A two year, $5 million deal for a 38 year pitcher? It didn’t take Junior long to get back into form. Junior is a walking disaster. He isn’t waiting to happen. He has happened.The Phillies, reigning world champions….ummmm…reigning NL champions…ummmm…reigning NL East Division champions…..ummm……reigning????????????/

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