Phillies to Offer Werth Arbitration, Not Durbin

durbin pumped.jpgA source said today the Phillies will offer salary arbitration to Jayson Werth, who is a Type A free agent, but not to Chad Durbin, who is a Type B free agent.

The decision on Werth hardly comes as a surprise. If he signs with another team as expected – the Phillies have had talks with Scott Boras, but he is expected to find a bigger deal elsewhere – the Phillies will receive two picks: a team’s top available pick (either a first or second-round selection based on their 2010 record) and a sandwich pick between the first and second rounds.

If the Phillies had offered Durbin arbitration and he signed elsewhere, the Phillies would have received a sandwich pick.

It makes complete sense to offer Werth arbitration because there is no downside. If Werth declines arbitration and signs elsewhere they get the picks. If Werth accepts arbitration, which is highly unlikely, they automatically get Werth to return next season on a one-year contract. (The Phillies absolutely would love that to happen.)

Why not offer Durbin arbitration? The thinking could be similar to 2008, when the Phillies did not offer Jamie Moyer arbitration. Moyer went 16-7 with a 3.71 ERA in 33 starts the year the Phillies won the World Series. He also made $7 million. Had the Phillies offered arbitration and Moyer accepted he would have been in line for a significant raise. The Phillies explained at the time they did not want to be locked into a certain salary for Moyer because they said it would prevent them from doing other things, like upgrading their bullpen.

But while they did not offer Moyer arbitration, they continued negotiating with him. He eventually signed a two-year, $13 million contract extension.

The same could happen with Durbin, who made $2.125 million this year. The Phillies are interested in bringing him back, but probably not at a significant raise. Not offering Durbin arbitration allows the Phillies to continue to negotiate with him, but with flexibility.

Teams have until midnight tomorrow to offer arbitration to their own free agents. Players offered salary arbitration have until Nov. 30 to accept.


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I find it puzzling that Todd thinks the Phillies would ‘absolutely love it’ if Werth accepts arbitration. That would skyrocket the payroll dangerously close to the luxury tax if they still intend to spend some money to build up the bullpen and bench. 2011 is the year that they don’t have a lot of wiggle room and a long term deal would fit better if they gave Werth some backloaded guarantees. I still feel that there is no way they can sign him, but the only way they could make it fit is if they got real creative. An arbitration deal doesn’t do that.

The luxury tax kicks in at 178m for 2011. I don’t think the Phils have to worry about that at least.

Werth made 7.5 million this past season. how much would he get in arbitration?

“Close” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. And, even if the Phillies go over the limit, what is the rate of the luxury tax exactly? Regardless, it is the price of doing business when an idiot savant such as Junior is in charge. How has gutting the farm system and getting Halladay and Oswalt worked out so far? I know, I know, wait until next year. Where has Mile Arbuckle gone now that we need him?

Offering arbitration was a no-brainer. Of course, Jayson won’t accept it, but it gives the Phils the draft picks they so desperately need in their depleted Pharm in the event Jayson goes elsewhere. I’m still hoping he accepts the best deal Ruben offers him. I can’t imagine Jayson playing on the other team ;o(

I too was puzzled by the “absolutely love that to happen” statement. Boras’ number and the Phillies’ number would probably be WAY apart, and I’d guess that an arbitrator would side with Boras, leaving the Phils in the exact same situation next year. If they wanted to pay Jayson’s price, wouldn’t they just offer him a deal?
I’d say they offered arbitration because they know he won’t take it, and they’ll get their precious draft picks.
Just don’t screw them up. If they get an honest-to-God prospect, at least they can say they “traded” Werth for a kid.

I think the Phils would love for Werth to accept the one year deal because they might want to get Brown some more seasoning in the minor leagues. I don’t think he’s spent a full year at Triple A. If Werth comes back, then Ibanez would walk at the end of 2011 because I don’t see them (no offense to Ibanez) resigning a 40 yr. old dude. Brown would then fill in for Ibanez and then perhaps the Phils could resign Werth with the money they have freed up from letting Ibanez go. Then the outfield of Victorino, Werth and Brown would a superb defensive outfield. But since the Tigers signed V-Mart, maybe the Red Sox now have to grab Werth. 2011, however, is supposed to be a rich draft and three very high picks could give Morandini and friends a great deal to work with.

dandal: It isn’t as easy as merely subtracting Ibanez’s salary in 2011. Hamels will make $9.5 million in 2011 and is arbitration-eligible in 2012. He’ll be due more money if he continues pitching the way he did in 2010.

Utley and Howard are also due big raises from their contracts – and there is the looming Rollins issue. Halladay makes $20 million in 2011 and 2012, up from the $15.75 in 2010. Oswalt will be due $16 million in 2011 and 2012, and they won’t have the Astros money to pay that.
Do the math and that $11 million from the Ibanez contract gets eaten up pretty quickly.

It’s not all that simple.

There is a lot coming off the books in 2012, besides Ibanez. I think, right now, they are committed to around 90MM for 10 players in 2012. Primarily, Lidge’s 12MM will be gone, as will the contracts for Baez, Schneider and Gload. Hopefully they can be replaced by the farm by then. Utley and Howard are not getting raises; Utley’s contract is the same 15MM, and Howard doesn’t go to 25MM until 2014. Hamels will definitely get a raise and they have to decide if they want to re-sign Madson, who will be a FA. Oswalt’s 16MM isn’t necessarily guaranteed unless they pick up the mutual option. You never know, because Oswalt has talked about retiring in the past. Rollins isn’t really a big deal because I don’t think his market value will even be what he makes now. He should be an easy sign, if they decide they want to go in that direction.
I think Hamels and Madson are the big decisions they will have to make before or during next offseason. That, and RF going forward if Werth walks. They may go with a platoon for 2011, but they need to fix the outfield by 2012.

Jason Werth has been one of my most coveted players the past few years and I would hate to see him go. But if he does I do wish the best for him. I hope it’s not to an American league team. He will not do well as a cleanup hitter or DH.

Somehow i don’t think Ruben will drop the ball on this one. i think he will sign. There’s going to be a major trade looming somewhere…one can only hope.

phan: OK, so Lidge’s $12 million “will be gone.” How are they going to acquire a quality closer for less than $12 million? Are you saying that a closer will come out of the farm system? Who are they grooming for that job?

I just assumed that Utley and Howard were due raises. I didn’t look at those strangely constructed contracts. Oswalt’s retirement talk is conjecture at best. Even so, how do you replace him if he does retire?

Nevertheless, how are you going to replace a left-fielder, closer and all those other parts for an economical figure and remain conpetitive? If you think they can do it from the farm or on the cheap, I’d question that strategy.

I think if Oswalt can get relief from his chronic backaches, he will keep pitching. Maybe the chiropractors Cole sees around the country can help him. I’m not sure about his family commit

I think if Oswalt can get relief from his chronic backaches, he will keep pitching. Maybe the chiropractors Cole sees around the country can help him. I’m not sure about his family commit

I think if Oswalt can get relief from his chronic backaches, he will keep pitching. Maybe the chiropractors Cole sees around the country can help him. I’m not sure about his family commit

Sorry for the triple post.

I’ve posted several times about my theory that Jayson is holding a grudge against Charlie Manuel for stating that one of the possible reasons for a long slump Jayson was in was that he was thinking about his impending offseason free agency. I was shocked to see that on MLB Network and ESPN. I also noticed that Jayson appeared bothered by the remark. Although he didn’t say anything about Charlie, he did reiterate that was doing the work he needed to do to get out of the slump and that he wasn’t going to think about his free agency until the offseason. I’m not sure how many weeks passed before he changed agents, but that incident definitely happened first.

If Jayson is still holding a grudge, he may just be using Ruben to drive his market value up, in which case he has no intention of playing for Charlie again. If he really loves playing for the Phils and that incident was never a problem, he may be driving his value up in Philly, in which case, he would sign with the Phils regardless of who offers the highest, longest contract.

Or maybe he’s just trying to get maximum dollar for the most years. He doesn’t realize how hard a good clubhouse is to find. He may end up richer, but miserable for 7 years. TAKE RUBEN’S DEAL JAYSON!!!

RAJ has maintained all along that the amount PER year is NOT the issue. The Issue is the NUMBER of years. And frankly, while I’d like to see Werth stay, the idea of having him around at 37 or 38 years old, does not thrill me. This team needs to get younger and in a hurry. So, if Jayson won’t take a $16 mil per year deal for 3 years ( with a mutual option for a 4th) , cya.

Can’t keep making win now decisions that doom the future by overpaying older players like were made with Moyer, Ibanez, Baez and ,in my opinion, Contreras ( I’d rather have signed Durbin than Contreras).

The future is closer than most Phillies fans think. These ” CORE” guys are starting on the downside, based on age. Start filtering in some younger players , with upside and some pretty good younger veterans like a Diaz ( to platoon with Brown) instead of trading for a a bigger name , older , semi over rated White sox OF with some name recognition and not much else.

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