Heard Any Good Rumors Lately?

werth playoffs.jpgIf Jayson Werth is going to sign a contract with the Phillies or anybody else, it will not happen in the next couple days.

A report in Philadelphia this weekend indicated Werth could be close to accepting a deal with the Phillies, but it needed to happen by Tuesday. But one source said tonight the reports were untrue. Werth is not close to signing with the Phillies – or anybody else – and there is no deadline for him to make a decision.

The Phillies have been talking with Scott Boras, who is Werth’s agent. If the Phillies have not yet made an offer they certainly have discussed the framework for a deal.

If the Phillies have made an offer, a contract in the three- or four-year range is a smart bet. The Phillies signed Ryan Howard to a five-year, $125 million contract extension this year, but Chase Utley (seven years) and Jimmy Rollins (five years) are the only other current players the Phillies have signed to deals longer than three years, not including option years.

The majority of the Phillies’ noteworthy deals are three-years contracts: Joe Blanton (three years, $24 million), Roy Halladay (three years, $60 million), Cole Hamels (three years, $20.5 million), Raul Ibanez (three years, $31.5 million), Brad Lidge (three years, $37.5 million), Ryan Madson (three years, $12 million), Placido Polanco (three years, $18 million), Carlos Ruiz (three years, $8.85 million) and Shane Victorino (three years, $22 million).

But while the Phillies are not expected to offer Boras the years or dollars he seeks, they could be positioning themselves to resign Werth in the event the lucrative deal he wants does not come from elsewhere.


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This could be a big week for the Phillies in trying to find a righthanded bat for the outfield if they fail to re-sign Werth. Tomorrow (Nov. 30) is the last day for free agents to accept salary-arbitration offers and Thursday (Dec. 2) is the last day for teams to tender contracts to unsigned, arbitration eligible reserve players. There might be a lot of players available who can play a pretty significant platoon role for the corner outfield positions.

The Werth rumor grew legs on 97.5FM over the weekend. While driving home from the gym on Sunday morning, one of the nitwit hosts floated a story where a friend-of-a-friend said that Werth … blah blah blah. Fodder for talk shows. I guess they’re tired of no news, so they make up their own.

As for book signings, I just bought Gargano’s book for my Kindle. I fear that the literary concoction known as the “book signing” will someday go the way of the dinosaurs. Enjoy them while they last.

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