Werth Declines Arbitration

werth at the cage.jpgThe Phillies expected this. So did everybody else.

Jayson Werth declined salary arbitration with the Phillies before tonight’s midnight deadline.

The news is hardly surprising. Werth is expecting to land a once-in-a-lifetime contract as one of the top two free agent outfielders on the market (Carl Crawford is the other). Accepting arbitration meant Werth would have been signed to a one-year contract with the Philllies. The only way that would have happened (and made sense) would have been if the market had not existed for him.

Phillies fans might recall Boras had Kevin Millwood accept arbitration with the Phillies in 2003, when there was no market for him.

That shouldn’t be the case for Werth with teams like the Red Sox and Angels interested.

The Phillies will get two draft picks if Werth signs elsewhere as expected: the team’s top available pick and a sandwich pick between the first and second round.

Declining arbitration does not prevent the Phillies from trying to resign Werth. They can continue to talk with Boras about a deal. But it’s my belief the Phillies won’t go more than four years for Werth with Boras and Werth looking for a longer, more lucrative contract.


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I see it is all about money and himself. Good rittins worth. Always thought you were a team player. Boy was i wrong. Don’t let the door of the phillies club house hit you in the $%& on the way out.

I see it is all about money and himself. Good rittins worth. Always thought you were a team player. Boy was i wrong. Don’t let the door of the phillies club house hit you in the $%& on the way out.

It has nothing to do with being a team player. Jayson Werth did the right thing to set himself up for lifetime contract. Anybody would do same thing, and the Phillies still have the option to sign him if they wish. It is a two way street.

Eh. I won’t cheer him. Never really liked the guy.
And don’t me tme started on salaries! Really. How much money do these guys need? Gone are the days of team loyalty. Too, bad.

I’m still hoping Jayson Werth signs a new contract with the Phillies. We’re a better team with him than without him.

Jason Werth will be the new Jim Thome. Philly will continue to cheer Werth, and no-one will begrudge him a healthy paycheck.

“good rittins worth?” Wow, that’s quite a decoder-ring challenge.

Why all the virtiol? Jayson is doing what he needs to do. Any of you would do the same thing, regardless of your holier-than-thou proclamations of being a “team player” and all that nonsense.

“How much money do these guys need?” I don’t know, how much money do YOU need? If your boss came in and told you he was giving you a 10-year guaranteed contract for twice what you’re making every year, what would you do? You’d sign it, you hypocrite.
Don’t hate because your industry doesn’t operate the way professional sports operates.

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