Brown Leaves Winter Ball

If Domonic Brown earns a big league job, he will have to earn it in Spring Training.

He left his Dominican Republic Winter Ball team, Escogido, after hitting .069 in nine games. A team spokesman said last night Brown left because he was tired and sluggish and they want him ready for Spring Training.

Depending how Brown performs this spring, he could help replace Jayson Werth in right field, if Werth signs elsewhere as a free agent. But the organization has said Brown must earn a job.

Ruben Amaro Jr. said earlier this week he was not concerned with Brown’s performance in Winter Ball because he had not played much late in the season and 20-plus at-bats in Winter Ball were not enough to make an evaluation.


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No problem. Just a bump in the road for the young man’s development. He’ll be quieting the naysayers once spring training starts.

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