Werth Signs with Nationals

werth 0930.jpg

Jayson Werth has signed a seven-year, $126 million contract with the Washington Nationals.

Sources told MLB.com this afternoon Werth’s agent Scott Boras was close to a deal with the Nationals. The Nationals figure to have money to spend after losing free agent Adam Dunn to the Chicago White Sox. Werth would help replace Dunn’s bat in the middle of the Nationals lineup.

It also would create a hole in the Phillies lineup. Werth had an .889 on-base-plus-slugging percentage the past three seasons, which ranked 10th in baseball for right-handed hitters and fifth among right-handed-hitting outfielders. His 87 home runs ranked eighth among right-handed hitters and second among right-handed-hitting outfielders (Ryan Braun ranked first with 94 homers).

Werth also stole 53 bases and played good defense.

The Phillies figured to lose Werth via free agency, so they already have been looking at alternate plans. One is staying in-house with Ben Francisco and Domonic Brown or Ross Gload platooning in right field. The other is going outside and bringing in somebody like Matt Diaz, Jeff Francoeur, Carlos Quentin, Scott Hairston and possibly others.


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That would be perfect, if for no other reason than to rub it in the noses of the so-called experts who had him going to Boston or CHW. I’d estimate that speculation on such things is 50/50, at best. Who among them said Washington?

Maybe Jayson is grabbing the money or maybe he’s banking on a young team with some promise? It’s probably the money.
I’m guessing it’s Aaron Rowand redux. Who do they have in that lineup to bat around him like the Phils did?

Oh well, go for it Jayson. We’ll see you 18 times. Have fun against Halladay/Hamels/Oswalt.

This article shocked me. I had no idea the Nationals were players in getting Werth. They will be a bad team next year. They do have some help on the way with Strausburg and Harper and of course they have Zimmerman. But they have a lot of holes. The addition of Werth won’t put them over the top. And I agree that Werth’s numbers might decline in this weak lineup. No one comes to their games. Well, I guess i won’t be pulling for him now that he’s with a division rival. But he’s gotta do what’s best for his family. Maybe his old teammate Cliff Lee is going to shock the world and join him, the Nats are interested in him.

The word from ESPN’s baseball blog (available on Kindle) reported that the Phils were out of the running (if there was a “running”) for Carlos Quentin because the Sox wanted a young outfield prospect, namely Domonic Brown, so the deal is supposedly dead.
Of course, if ESPN’s sources are as accurate as those reporting on Werth’s suitors, Quentin will be a Phillie next week.

What a joke. I can understand going for the money, but obscurity?

Werth didnt screw them. He didn’t hold a gun to the Nationals collective heads. That contract is ridiculous and Werth would be crazy not to sign it. But I think he will have some regrets, as he basically signed with a bottom feeder franchise.
The big winner will be Crawford. He just got a huge raise without signing anything, and he’ll most probably end up with a contender.

And to make matters worse, the Phils won’t get Washington’s first round draft pick as compensation, because it’s restricted. So, Werth screwed them twice.

it was a joke, phan. Lighten up. You don’t grasp the basic concept of baseball contracts. It’s just a job. We’re the ones who make more of it.

Obscurity? An interesting term. I think that those of us on the outside view professional sports as some sort of mode for glorification. Athletes, however, often have a different viewpoint.

Imagine that in whatever occupation you find yourself, your job is taking place at a huge national conglomerate where your contribution is recognized by industry publications and your peers think you’re swell. Then, along comes a huge offer from a smaller competing firm that doesn’t have anywhere near the exposure or opportunity for you to place yourself out in front of the business and make people think you’re a big shot.

Werth just did what they all DO, take ” the money”. He’s probably worth the 16 mil per year ( for 3 years plus an option) that the Phillies offered and that’s all. By the time Washington can SERIOUSLY contend for a Division crown, Werth will be on the downside. Good riddance. As for Carlos Quentin, he’s a BIG name who cannot hit Lefthanders. The Phillies would be better off with a Matt Diaz / D. Brown platoon. Quentin is wayyy over rated.

Greinke is now a Brewer and it’s interesting that he used his no-trade to turn down a deal with the Nats. They will always have the perception of a loser and the only way they will be able to get players to go there is by grossly overpaying, like they did with Werth.

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