Winter Meetings: Day 2 (Reyes, Sherrill and Others)

reyes 2.jpgRuben Amaro Jr. reiterated today he does not expect the Phillies to make any moves before the conclusion of the Winter Meetings, which end Thursday morning with the Rule 5 Draft.

“That’s subject to change,” he cautioned.

The Phillies were in discussions about a contract with left-hander Dennys Reyes. A source said tonight a deal was not imminent, although reports from St. Louis said Reyes was headed to Philadelphia. A second source said the Phillies and Reyes’ agent had exchanged contract figures last week and met again today. The source also indicated nothing was imminent.

Reyes went 3-1 with a 3.55 ERA in 59 appearances last season with the St. Louis Cardinals. Interestingly, left-handers hit .307 against him last season, while right-handers hit .177, although he has been better in his career against left-handers (.238) than right-handers (.279).

But while the Phillies have interest in Reyes, they also have interest in other relief pitchers. That includes left-hander George Sherrill, who went 2-2 with a 6.69 ERA in 65 appearances last season with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Phillies have liked Sherrill in the past and think he could rebound. The Phillies also met today with right-hander Chad Durbin‘s agent. The Phillies have indicated they remain interested in bringing him back.

The Phillies have said upgrading the bullpen is their top priority, but they also are pursuing a right-handed bat to replace Jayson Werth.

“We’re keeping our options open,” Amaro said.

Names to watch include Scott Hairston, who is a free agent; and Juan Rivera, Aaron Rowand and Delmon Young, who could be had in a trade. The Phillies have liked each of those players in the past. But trading for any of those players could be difficult because Amaro said the Phillies need to get younger, and trading away more prospects does not accomplish that.

Sources said the Phillies are not seriously pursuing Jeff Francoeur, who is a free agent. They also are not expected to get into a bidding war for free agent Matt Diaz, who is drawing plenty of interest from teams and could sign this week. Josh Willingham is available in a trade, but the Nationals are looking for big-league starting pitching and the Phillies don’t have anybody to trade other than Joe Blanton and Kyle Kendrick. But they are unlikely fits for the Nationals.


The Phillies released right-hander Jesus Sanchez and left-hander Yohan Flande from their 40-man roster to make room for the Rule 5 Draft. The Phillies have 38 players on the roster. Amaro said they will try to resign both players, although they must clear waivers first.


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RAJ has my complete support and I hope he pulls the right strings.

I think we can all safely agree that, seeing the contract Werth got, it’s a good thing the Phillies didn’t get involved in the bidding war.

Looks like they are going on the cheap for a lefty reliever. Not really sold on fatso Reyes, and I think the Phillies destroyed any confidence Sherrill may have possessed.
As far as an outfielder is concerned, I think they should just go with what they have and spend any money on the bullpen. I have confidence that Brown will work out and that Francisco and/or Mayberry can fill in against the occasional lefty. Maybe Hairston on the cheap and hope he has a bounce back year from some injuries. I don’t think they should trade for anybody unless he is a player who is going to play everyday.

phan: I haven’t been a fan of Sherrill since his Oriole days. He was a mediocre closer on a bad team, and I haven’t seen much since then that would convince me otherwise. Put his numbers on a right-handed pitcher and he doesn’t get a sniff.

I still have a gut feeling that Ruben wants to bring some youth to the ballclub, and a trade could still happen for one of their aging superstars. From what Amaro has said about Brown, he’ll likely start the year in AAA. What has Mayberry shown you that makes you think he can hit anybody – lefties included? I like the kid, but he has to start hitting at some point.

Jim Salisbury is reporting that the Phils are close to a deal with Dennys Reyes. Can a team have a Dennys Reyes and a Danys Baez? I see a conglomerate fan group. “Danys Reyes”

Mayberry worked hard last offseason and was impressive in spring training, especially cutting down on his SO’s. Unfortunately, he regressed last season as his AAA season progressed, but I will attribute that to frustration in not getting called up a few times when they had the chance. He did look good in the one short little window he had on the big club, although he only got 13 PA’s.
He probably has one more chance to make the team. I guess part of my fascination with him is that he just has the look of a MLB player. He is an excellent defender and if he can permanently cut down that occasional loop in his swing, he could be a star.

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