Boras Talks Werth, Brown

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Scott Boras participated this afternoon in a news conference for Carlos Pena‘s one-year, $10 million contract with the Chicago Cubs.

He spoke afterward about a host of his clients, including Jayson Werth and Domonic Brown.

Boras said the Phillies’ interest in Werth was not token interest. They formally offered him a three-year contract worth $16 million annually with a vesting option that would have increased the total value to $60 million. Werth signed a seven-year, $126 million contract with the Washington Nationals.

“Ruben met with us at the general managers’ meetings and definitely said the Phillies were interested,” Boras said. “The question was going to be the years. The marketplace had really advanced itself obvoiusly. And the level of years they were going to go vs. what the Phillies were willing to go (was different).”

Asked if he was surprised the Phillies came up so short in years, he said, “I’m never surprised. Philadelphia is an organization that’s very well run. They are really one of the Goliaths in the industry. They can do what they want to do economically, what they choose to do. They’re that successful. Whether or not baseball-wise they felt that was a good decision, you’ll have to talk to Ruben (Amaro Jr.).”

The Phillies sent Brown home from Winter Ball last week after hitting .069 in just nine games. The Phillies said he looked sluggish and tired. Said Boras: “He played a full season. He was in the big leagues in September. That’s the longest baseball season he’s ever had. He went over there and I think he was just physically tired. We wanted to get him into a training regime so he has a chance to prepare for the season.”

Boras was asked if he thought Brown’s time in the big leagues last season — mostly spent on the bench — set him back compared to playing every day in Triple-A Lehigh Valley.

“I think Domonic’s situation is largely going to depend on how Charlie and them evaluate him in Spring Training,” Boras said. “Take a look at him. Usually with those types of players, he’s had enough performance in Triple-A to give you a strong indication of whether or not he’s ready to advance. I think they’ll take a look at that in Spring Training and determine … and we don’t know the final result of the team yet to really know the final considerations they’ll make with their roster.”


Free agent outfielder Magglio Ordonez had a workout today to prove he is healthy. Not sure he is a fit in Philadelphia because of the contract it might take to nab him (he is a Boras client), but it’s worth mentioning. Boras said Ordonez is 100 percent.

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I guess Boras taks care of his clients. He’s paid to help them get rich, with which there is nothing wrong. I guess he gets rich when his clients get rich because he gets some sort of commission. I guess (I don’t really know his complete history) he’s a good businessman and I respect that.

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