Photo Shop Has Come A Long Way

it's always winning in philadelphia.jpg

When I was a kid I remember I had something called “Print Shop” for my Commodore 64. I’m pretty sure I could not make the things I’m getting e-mailed to me today. I’ve seen plenty of photoshopped images, but here is my favorite.

Not sure where this first appeared, so my apologies to whomever made it.

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What a way to wake up this morning! Best GM in baseball strikes again, way to go Rube.
The backstory on this acquisition will be amazing, no doubt.

Hey what the he’ll, dump Blanton and Kendrick and resign Moyer.

Hey Todd…a little late seeing this but I was the original designer for this piece. The night this deal went down, like so many other Philadelphians, I was ecstatic. This pretty much sums it all up. Thank you for compliment.
-Robert Peters

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