The Magic Number

lee 34.jpg

OK, clearly the most pressing issue today is what number Cliff Lee will be wearing next season.

Lee wore No. 34 with the Phillies in 2009, but you might have seen Roy Halladay wearing that number last season. So, yes, Lee needs a new number.

Drum roll please

Lee will be wearing 33, which he wore with the Rangers.

Carry on, carry on.


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1 Comment

I thought that he might choose #28 since that is now available. LOL. I’m thrilled that Lee is here again no matter what number he wears. Todd, how do players select their number that they’ll wear? Might be a silly question (duh!) but I really don’t know the answer. Can you enlighten me? Also, do pitchers always choose the higher numbers?

Thanks, Barb

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