Yes, Cliff Lee Is Rejoining the Phillies

Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels will be in the same rotation in 2011 and possibly beyond.’s TR Sullivan reported tonight the Phillies have reached an agreement with Lee.

Another source just said Lee agreed to a five-year deal with a vesting option for a sixth year. Deal is in the neighborhood of $120 million.


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RAJ is lethal! This is definitely an upgrade! Great to have you back again, Cliff! How exciting!

great news!
5 years $100m!

Is it safe to assume that Blanton will be dumped for some salary relief and that Ruben will be more than aggressive to try to deal Ibanez?

Unreal! Never, ever thought this would happen. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Thank you Ruben!

This is unbelievable, Christmas comes early as for Philly fans. Now, where is that right handed bat?

SO we’ve just made Hammels the 4th pitcher is a rotation never seen before in MLB. Who cares who the bat is in RF. I expect a lot os games to end 2-1 this year. Not the most exciting ball games,but a W is a W. The only question remains, why did they trade him in the first place?
for all of those against Rube, the “sorry” line starts to the right…once again he swoops down and gets teh best pitcher on the parket, for less money then was offered and for less years. Can you say, “WORLD SERIES”?


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