Reyes Deal Falls Through

Dennys Reyes agreed Dec. 8 to a $1.1 million contract with the Phillies.

Strangely, the Phillies never announced the deal. It is not unusual for a few days to pass between an agreement and an official announcement because players typically have to fly to Philadelphia for a physical. That is why the Phillies waited until Wednesday to announce they had signed Cliff Lee, who had agreed to terms Monday.

But there will be no Reyes announcement.

“We hit a snag,” said Oscar Suarez, who is Reyes’ agent. “So we just decided to push back.”

Asked if it was health related, Suarez said, “It just didn’t work out. We’re back on the market. I don’t want to get into details why.”

So with Reyes out of the picture, that might open the door for Chad Durbin to return. The Phillies still would like a left-hander, but there aren’t many available. J.C. Romero maybe?


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Scott Eyre.

Not exactly the end of the world. They can do better.

My money is on Durbin.

I have a theory that Lee’s signing had something to do with it.The theory is that the Lees and the Durbins got very close when Cliff was in Philly the last time and Ruben held off signing Reyes until he saw what team Cliff was going to sign with. I won’t guess if Lee asked or if Ruben offered, but if Durbin signs for $1.1 million more than the Phils initially offered him, I won’t be surprised. In fact, I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t sign soon.

I would have liked to see the Phils sign George Sherrill, who went to the Braves, instead of Reyes anyway. I vote to bring back Scott Eyre, too.

It’s ok, they’ll only need the bullpen every 5th day anyway.

Reyes would’ve eaten Lee. Whole.

Todd, would you post the option status of the players on the 40 man roster. Who has options left? Who doesn’t? Thanks in advance.

Lee’s signing had absolutely NOTHING to do with Reyes’ deal being not consumated. The guy was obviously injured goods and the physical exam proved that. Fuentes and Okijima are still unsigned. If they are too expensive, how about making a trade (Kendrick anyone?). The phils have Worley as a #5 candidate along with a number of other AAA options. It’s not a big deal, And oh yeah , how about giving Bastardo a FAIR chance instead of Charlie Manual burying the guy in the bullpen because he’s not in the over 30 yo club that Charlie likes soo much.?

Someone created this hilarious video on YouTube… “Cliff Lee and Jayson Werth”

If you don’t trust clicking the link, search that title on YouTube. It’s great!!

Bastardo has been given repeated chances to win his place in the Bullpen. He’s not a starter, and won’t ever be one. He’s a 2 pitch power pitcher who happens to be a lefty. He’s projected to be the lefty specialist of the future, if only he’d live up to his expectations.

As for the mising piece in the pen, I’m sure we get something when we finally dump Blanton. It will probably be late in ST when teams realize what they really need, or someone gets hurt. AS for Worley, let’s hope hegives KK a run for his money for the 5th spot.

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