The Lee Contract

I know much of Cliff Lee‘s $120 million contract has been written and dissected, but here are the complete details, including performance bonuses, if you’re interested:

  • 2011: $11 million
  • 2012: $21.5 million
  • 2013: $25 million
  • 2014: $25 million
  • 2015: $25 million

The Phillies have a $27.5 million club option for 2016, or a $12.5 million buyout. The option vests if Lee is NOT on the disabled list at the end of the 2015 season with either a left shoulder or left elbow injury AND either (a) 200 innings pitched in 2015 or (b) 400 innings pitched in 2014-15. Lee also has awards bonuses: $50,000 for All-Star appearances; $100,000 for World Series MVP; $50,000 for LCS MVP; $100,000 for Cy Young ($75,000 for second; $50,000 for third); $50,000 for Gold Glove; and $50,000 for Silver Slugger.


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This looks like a 107.5 mil deal to me. I keep hearing about a 120 mil deal?

This looks like a 107.5 mil deal to me. Why do I keep hearing about a 120 mil deal?

Nevermind, I get it, it includes the buyout to total 120 mil

That’s shocking that Lee will only make $11 million next year. So that means that Roy Halladay will be making more money than Cliff Lee ovwer the next 3 years. I wonder if the Phils win the WS and the owners make a killing on merchandise sales, could they possibly redo Doc’s contract and pay him what their paying Lee over the same duration of his contract? Just wondering……

All those incentives seem like chump change in comparison to Lee’s overall contract.

I don’t think the inclusion of the Cy Young bonus was necessary, I mean, come on, Roy Halladay’s got a lock on that for the next while….

gyang & erichh: Those incentive bonuses always crack me up. A guy making $11 million gets one-half of one-percent of his salary as a bonus.
As for Halladay, the story was that Ruben called Roy to run the signing past him and Roy was fine with it. I wouldn’t expect anything less from him.
Not only are they blessed with 4 Ace pitchers, but 4 gentlemen as well. It’s a special time.

You are forgetting the 12.5 million buyout at end so brings to 120 million guaranteed

Muleman, I still haven’t forgotten that Cliff Lee threw a fastball at the head of the D-Back’s catcher after the catcher ran into him and put him on the DL for the whole month of April. That’s attempted murder in my opinion. Not something a “gentleman” would do. Of course, it wasn’t as bad as what Michael Vick did and I’m rootin’ for him to win every game.

Erich, at worst its agrivated assult. IF cliff had wanted to hit the guy, he would have with his control. Warnings are just that, warnings

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