Romero Agrees to Terms

The new left-hander in the Phillies bullpen is the same as the old left-hander in the Phillies bullpen.

A source confirmed a report that J.C. Romero has agreed to terms on a contract with the Phillies. The deal is pending a physical.

Terms were unknown, but it seems safe to say it falls somewhere in the $1 to $2 million range. The Phillies had agreed earlier this month to a $1.1 million deal with Dennys Reyes before the deal fell through.

I’m not sure how this impacts Chad Durbin‘s chances of rejoining the team, although I’ve got to think it makes things more difficult. But if the Phillies trade Joe Blanton to free up salary, the Phillies could have some wiggle room to bring him back, if the Phillies feel they still need another veteran in the pen.


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The deal should be pending whether or not he can throw the ball over the plate.

I know LH reliever is a big deal, but I think I’d rather see Durbin return than JC. Hopefully he can rebound from a couple of bad seasons.

I think the Phillies could have done just as well filling the need for an extra lefty in-house. Between Mike Zagurski, Sergio Escalona, Ryan Feierabend, Juan Perez and Dan Meyer at least one of them has to be at least as good as Romero, and the amount added to the payroll would be much less.

I’m not making too much of this deal. I think it’s cheap insurance that he can come to spring training and regain his form. It’s probably their best, least expensive option at this stage – being cash-strapped and all.

Todd, Have a happy New Year! Thanks so much for all of your hard work for the Phils and MLB and us phans. We appreciate you whether we state it here or not. Have a nice holiday and I look forward to reading your articles and blog next year. Go PHILS! and Good luck to the BREW CREW in 2011!


OOps it is new year there ;0)

Happy New Year to all!!

44 days…..

Charlie places too much emphasis on being a veteran player and not enough emphasis on ability and upside. Baez should be cut (lack of effectiveness) and Romero should not have been signed as he walks too many batters in late innings.Durbin should get Baez’s job and Bastardo should get Romero’s job. Both Durbin and Bastardo are better pitchers.

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