Phillies Broadcast Schedule

From a Phillies press release is the Phillies’ broadcasting schedule:

  • Comcast SportsNet will carry 103 games.
  • The Comcast Network will carry three games in April.
  • MyPHL17 will air 45 games, including the home opener against the Houston Astros on April 1.
  • ESPN has picked up two Sunday games (so far).
  • FOX will broadcast nine Saturday games.
  • All Phillies games can be heard on the Phillies’ Flagship station WPHT, 1210 AM, in Spanish on WUBA (1480 AM) and the Phillies Radio Network.


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It sure would have been great if this posting confirmed that Tom McCarthy would not be broadcasting any of these games:) Note to Phillies: Please get Franzke under contact ASAP!!

McCarthy is okay on TV. What needs to happen is Jim Jackson needs to perform only the pre and post game duties on the radio and not the play-by-play. I like him, but he doesn’t convey the rhythm of the game. By midseason last year, I was listening to the opposing team’s broadcast via MLB during the 4th and 5th innings rather than suffer through him. Scott and Larry should do the radio broadcasts alone.

McCarthy is good. Listen to other broadcasters around MLB and you’ll be grateful for TM.

Can we get Mayor Nutter to extend the DROP program to Wheels? Would be tax dollars well spent.

McCarthy is way too chatty. There’s just something about him that doesn’t say “baseball” to me. As far as other team’s broadcasters, Gary Thorne in Baltimore has it over anyone on the Phils’ TV broadcast. Somehow, he and a color guy (usually Jim Palmer) can manage to do an entire game without having to shuffle in 3 different people to split up innings and disrupt the flow.
Vin Scully does it in LA too, as do lots of other teams. For years, the Phillies have found it necessary to crowd the booth with people so that each 3 inning block has a different feel. I find it distracting, but I don’t see it ending any time soon.

That’s what makes Franske and L.A. so enjoyable on the radio. They get into a flow, get along with each other and the game just moves along. Having Jackson do the middle innings is an unnecessary interruption.

Hey Phillies
If Larry Bows is still out there please sign him to do the color comentary on the tv broadcast. He would be a hugh assest to the broadcast. Think about it!!

Ehh. Honestly, I don’t like when Franzke does the Phils broadcasts. He’s a little too high-strung, I think. He’s perfect for the Flyers, but not what I want when I’m listening to a baseball game at work (nor, particularly, when I’m watching it on TV at home).

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