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I’m back from Super Bowl XLV in North Texas, which was an awesome experience. Such a great time. If you ever have the opportunity (and money) to watch the Eagles (or your favorite team) play in the Super Bowl, I highly recommend it. Of course, I might be feeling much differently today had the Packers lost, but they didn’t so I don’t.

But back to baseball …

I’m leaving Saturday for Clearwater with daily coverage beginning Sunday. In the meantime, I’ve been going through e-mails, some of which are months old. But I came across one from Eric N., which he sent just before Christmas. He wondered how many Cliff Lee jerseys have been sold since he rejoined the Phillies.

It turns out quite a lot.

The top selling item at Citizens Bank Park’s Majestic Clubhouse Store since mid-December? An adult Phillies t-shirt with Lee’s name and number on the back. The third-best selling item? The youth sized Lee t-shirt. No other Phillies t-shirt cracked the top 20.

Here is a look at the top 10 t-shirts sold at the store since mid-December:

  1. Lee (adult)
  2. Lee (youth)
  3. Halladay (adult)
  4. Chooch (adult)
  5. Phanatic (ladies)
  6. Ruiz (adult)
  7. Oswalt (adult)
  8. Halladay (youth)
  9. Utley (adult)
  10. Victorino (youth)

It seems everybody loves Lee, Halladay and Ruiz, who take up six of the 10 spots.

Lee also ranked third in jerseys/t-shirts sold at MLB.com in 2010, which is impressive considering he had less than a month to work with. Here is a look at that list: 

  1. Authentic font personalized t-shirt
  2. 2010 NL East champions official clubhouse t-shirt
  3. Authentic Halladay home jersey
  4. Replica Lee home jersey
  5. Replica Halladay home jersey
  6. Replica personalized home jersey
  7. Replica personalized alternate jersey
  8. Youth replica personalized home jersey
  9. Women’s personalized replica jersey
  10. Authentic personalized road jersey


It appears Chase Utley has an official Facebook page. I anxiously await Chase to update his Facebook status! What did you have for breakfast today, Chase?!?!?!


Speaking of Facebook, I’m moving Facebook pages. Check out the new one here. I’m in the process of killing my old one, so definitely check this one out if you want updates and more throughout the season. Follow me on Twitter, too.


One more thing: Looking to download some TV shows before I hit Florida. I’ve already done the Wire, Sopranos, Dexter, Mad Men, Californication … anything along those lines you folks recommend?


Check out ‘Breaking Bad.’ Enjoy FL Todd!

Lost was the greatest tv show

Boardwalk Empire. Steve Buscemi at his finest.


The Closer. It’s not just for women!

As for Chase’s FB page……It’s been up forever! LOL! I’m sure, started by a fan. Now let’s just see if it’s really Chase that posts some stuff.

If you have any interest in cars, I absolutely recommend BBC’s Top Gear, not the American version on The History Channel. Besides that, Arrested Development is absolutely hilarious.

If you have any interest in cars, I absolutely recommend BBC’s Top Gear, not the American version on The History Channel. Besides that, Arrested Development is absolutely hilarious.

I’m not a football fan, but The League (airs after It’s Always Sunny) is really hilarious.

from what I see that you’re bringing down with ya, ya gotta try Justified – it rages, and season 2 starts tomorrow (Feb. 9). and whoever added Top Gear above is dead on – and you can catch about 3 seasons worth on instant netflix. look forward to readin ya from Fla.

You get to go to spring training with the Phillies! For your totally awesome job! Why do you need TV shows to watch?

“Dexter” is my favorite. This season wasn’t as good as the last two, but still worth watching.

Since my replica #28 Werth jersey is now a relic, I have to decide. I’ve never shelled out the big bucks for an authentic jersey, so this might be the year.
I’m thinking about a nice #51 home pinstripe for 2011.

You already have one of my favorites “Mad Men” Be sure to watch the episode from last season called “The Suitcase” it is fantastic!
Other recommendation “Burn Notice” Lots of fun, Miami setting,spies,intrigue.


COngrads TOdd on your team winning it all. Hope you at least went to the game on MLB’s bill and not yours

Another Justified and Burn Notice vote.
I did my part on T-shirt sales for the 8 grandkids….2 Halladays, 2 Lee’s, 3 Ruiz and 1 Brown. Chooch is a HUGE favorite with the kids, almost was 7, but some didn’t want the same as everyone else. Go figure.

3 Halladay and 1 Chooch long sleeve t’s this Christmas.Hey muleman, are you going to get a ‘personalized’ replica jersey? It’ll make it easier for us to pick you out of the crowd at CBP.

Just joking. I can’t believe people do that unless their name is Lee or Howard.

I work for a cable co so my recommendation assumes this downloading is legal!

Find “Rescue Me”. Start with Season 1 & I guarantee you won’t be disappointed

phan: Hmm … You can pick me out at the game if you see a studious scorekeeper in the 300 level not doing “The Wave” and cheering only when appropriate, it might be me.
Personalized jerseys are a violation. I even feel strange wearing a shirt with somebody else’s name on it, but it seems to be the “thing.”

The ‘wave’ is one disppointing thing that I find with the festive atmosphere at CBP. I was at a very tense pitchers duel last season (Santana vs. Hamels; 1-0 Mets) and they tried to get it going. What are they thinking? What are they watching?

Another vote for Breaking Bad, and also one for Life on Mars. The latter puts a contemporary british cop back in 1973 (never mind how) where the police culture was–to say the least–way different.

phan: “The Wave” is another sports violation. I’ve seen it happen in a few of those tense situations and wonder the same thing. It’s more a product of the type of crowd that CBP attracts than anything else. Partiers and people who enjoy the place more than the event.
Chris Wheeler (of all people) put it best when he said that “it’s fans who would rather watch themselves than the game.”
I’m a little embarrassed by it, frankly.

I had to confront a guy in our section who tried to get one started. He was standing in the aisle directly between me and the game. I shooed him away and told him to sit down and watch the (tense) game. He said something back, but he did sit down.

I don’t like being the “fun police” but sometimes I just have to speak up.

Now if Utley was on Twitter that would be something! Loved the 5 second Michael Young rumor. Can’t believe that pitchers & catchers finally report on Sunday🙂

I can’t believe you guys call yourselves baseball fans! The Wave is a baseball tradition. I love it! It’s usually only done during boring parts of the game. And a lot of fans don’t really like pitchers duels. Including me. Thus….The Wave during the Santana/Hamels matchup.

Men of a Certain Age .. you may not bethere yet but one day it will ring true

norma: I pray you’re messing with me. If you call yourself a baseball fan, you know there are NO BORING PARTS OF BASEBALL GAMES!
The Wave is not only done during “boring parts.” It’s frequently done by ignorant boobs like you who don’t know what’s going on on the field and think that we all want to stand and wave our arms like a bunch of morons. Pay attention.
Doing a wave during a pitchers duel shows your ignorance. If you were in front of me, I’d tell you to sit your fat *** down so I could watch the game. Stay home and do your stupid wave in front of the TV if you want to watch yourself.

You too, bobev. I didn’t like that junk when I was 25 and I don’t like it now. It has nothing to do with my age.

Wow norma, you surprise me. You call yourself a baseball fan and you espouse a wave in the middle of a classic pitchers’ duel? You always struck me as a real true baseball phan, but I guess I was wrong. Waves are the province of casual fans.
Pitcher’s duels are what baseball is all about. I grew up on Bunning/Marichal and Short/Gibson. It is why I love our staff now because when the other teams’ ace is going, they’ll most probably be going against one of our 4 aces! Now, THAT’S baseball!! Give me a score card, a Phillie dog and a cold beer and I’ll be in heaven.

Muleman: I think you’re being a bit harsh to my pal Norma over her participation in the “wave”. I admit I find it a bit of odd thing during the game,but its not like she suddenly became a NY fan?!
Plus I don’t think she’s a casual fan either.

Onto happier things: Love how the Fab 4 (and Phils mgmnt) are including the “5th Beatle” Big Joe B is their press conference on MLB on Monday. Another classy move by this organization.

What a bunch of fuddy duddy’s on this blog! LOL!
muleman…..I hope someday you ARE sitting behind me, when the Wave goes around. I am extremely good at ignoring people who don’t like to have fun. I’m sure that would just aggravate you even more! LOL! And what makes you think I’m *watching myself*? They’re not showing it on Phanavision!
And in case all of you non-Wavers haven’t noticed….There are a h*** of a lot more people, doing the Wave, than not doing it. And as soon as there is some action on the field, it stops.

phan52…..Most fans prefer one element of the game, over another. Pitchers duels are just MY least favorite. That being said, I can’t wait to see H2O! Especially if our hitting comes around. LOL!
My favorite part of the game isn’t even the big hits, like most *casual* fans. It’s defense. Nothing like a great double play! Or an outfielder jumping leaping over the fence to prevent a HR!

norma48, I don’t know who you are but right on!

norma, the problem with the wave is that it DOESN’T stop. What do you think they do, stop at section 224 when Santana delivers a pitch to Polanco, and starts up again after the pitch? It is extremely annoying, and it the casual phans who start it.
BTW, MOST phans at CBP are casual phans and are there for the experience. Not knocking it because it helps the home team when the place is buzzing, but I guarantee that the vast majority don’t know what a scorecard is, let alone know how to fill one out. The wave doesn’t keep it buzzing; it’s a buzz kill, especially in a tight game.

let’s leave it as different strokes for different folks and move on. Whose fantasy team looks really good this year? So far my drafts on yahoo haven’t been what I was hoping for.

Thanks kpookiemon!
Done, jefzahav!

norma: So, if you were at a Merriam Theater play or at a show at the Arden, and you decided to do The Wave, that would be acceptable? What makes a baseball game a place for people to be rude where it wouldn’t otherwise occur? I don’t want people standing up in front of me during an inning – which is why the ushers don’t allow fans to go back to their seats until there is a break. It’s simple manners, which I am sorry to say, are lost on modern society. It’s all about you, isn’t it? Whatever YOU want to do, and the rest of us are supposed to go along.
It happens just as much when the Phils are at bat as not, and that’s even worse than doing it altogether.

Of course, they don’t show it on the screen. There’s a game going on. Don’t you get it? And if you don’t like pitchers’ duels, you’re in for a boring season. Our starters versus the likes of Lincecum, Wainwright, Santana, et al … and you’re better off watching “Wheel of Fortune” at 7:00. Leave baseball to the fans.

You are on another planet…let go.

Mule, WTF happened to you. YOur last few poosts are well below your normal anoying posts. Have you been hanging with Truth lately?

Seinfeld is going to be jealous. He had only one “Soup Nazi” while here we have several “Baseball Nazis”. It doesn’t take much brain power to either be a “Baseball Nazi” or to know one when you read . his or her comments. Stay tuned for those who will receive points toward this award throughout this season and at the end will be crowned the august title of “Grand Baseball Nazi”.

Guess muleman didn’t get the memo that we’ve moved on. LOL!

pherrisphain…..I hope I’m not on your list of “Baseball Nazi” candidates! I’m just trying to have fun, here!

f.i.j.: “Normal annoying?” Please. Just trying to keep it real.

Norma, have fun. Just leave me alone to watch the game. Wander Ashburn Alley, buy your dollar hot dogs and ****-chat with your Facebook buddies about your fantasy team.
You can have fun and still be polite.

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