Phils Sign Sullivan to Minor League Deal

The Phillies have signed outfielder Cory Sullivan to a Minor League contract, according to a source.

Sullivan will be in Minor League camp.

His arrival provides the Phillies some outfield depth, particularly in center field.

Sullivan has played 260 games in center field in his career, which he has spent with the Rockies, Mets and Astros. Sullivan is a career .271 hitter. He hit .188 in 64 at-bats last season with Houston.


Leaving for Florida tomorrow … so much to do …


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OK, so who in Hell is this guy and why is signing him news? Oh yeah, he hit .188 with the Astros. Outfield depth? Really? That should help. Who is he replacing on the depth chart?
Get back to me when something interesting happens.

He isn’t replacing anyone on the depth chart because the Phillies do not currently have a good defensive centerfielder behind Shane Victorino. Cory Sullivan is an experienced major league centerfielder who has a career major league batting average of .271 in over 1,100 major league at bats. That .188 batting average came in just 64 at bats as a part time player last year. In the 2 major league seasons where Sullivan had over 300 at bats he hit .294 and .267. Jayson Werth isn’t here to play centerfield anymore if Victorino should get hurt again like he did in late July/early August last year. That leaves the Phillies without a good quality centerfielder on their depth chart unless you want to call up someone like Tyson Gillies. With Sullivan they have someone who can step in and play centerfield on a daily basis if needed and do a much better job defensively in center than Francisco, Mayberry or Brown. None of those three could step in for Victorino in centerfield and do as good a job as Wilson Valdez did filling in for Rollins/Utley/Polanco last year. Cory Sullivan signed the same type of contract as Wilson Valdez did last January. Valdez started the year in AAA and ended up with the Phillies from April 15 to the end of the season. Without Valdez as a AAA insurance policy the Phillies likely don’t finish in first place in 2010. Even if Cory Sullivan plays most of 2011 in AAA, he is there in case the Phillies need him, just as Wilson Valdez was there last year.

decal, you’ve summed up the reasons perfectly. Surprized that Mule didn’t understand this himself. (BTW, it’s still winter, anything is news)

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