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The pitchers are throwing, the catchers are catching and many of the position players have reported early.

It is not a surprise the three top candidates to replace Jayson Werth in right field — Ben Francisco, Domonic Brown and John Mayberry Jr. — arrived early. It is notable Jimmy Rollins arrived early because he typically does not check in until the official report date for position players. Haven’t spoken to Rollins yet, but people seem to think he is in excellent shape heading into Spring Training. That is good news for him and the Phillies, who could use his production atop the lineup.

But let’s take a break from camp to talk about the Phillies’ Wall of Fame. The Phillies yesterday announced 12 players on this year’s ballot: Curt Schilling, Mike Lieberthal, Larry Christenson, Lenny Dykstra, Jim Fregosi, Greg Gross, Jim Konstanty, Von Hayes, John Kruk, Ron Reed, Jimmie Wilson and Rick Wise.

Fans can vote at Players receive five points for a first-place vote, three points for a second-place vote and one point for a third-place vote. The top three finishers are put on the final ballot, which is handed to the Wall of Fame selection committe. Not that you asked, but here is my ballot:

  1. Konstanty
  2. Dykstra
  3. Schilling

My reasoning is simple: Konstanty earned NL MVP honors in 1950 and helped the Phillies win their first pennant since 1915. He went 16-7 with a 2.66 ERA in 1950 as a relief pitcher. And then after pitching in relief the entire season he started Game 1 of the World Series against the New York Yankees. He allowed four hits and one run in eight innings in a 1-0 loss. He did his job. The offense didn’t. Konstanty, who died in 1976, really only had one great season, but his accomplishments with the Whiz Kids measures up to some of the other people on this ballot. I think he deserves a spot on the Wall of Fame, so I’m pushing him because fans naturally lean toward the players they’re most familiar with — players from the 1980 and 1993 teams.

So then why Schilling and Dykstra? Because if Konstanty doesn’t get enough votes to make the Wall of Fame, I want to be entertained at Citizens Bank Park during the induction ceremony. And I think Schilling and Dykstra would provide the greatest entertainment. Need I say more?

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I agree with you on Konstanty as #1 , but as for the rest I went Kruk #2 and Rick Wise #3. I loved Nails but he did a bunch of PED’S and well Schilling is an *****.

If I have to vote its Konstanty, Larry Christenson (one of the best hitting pitchers ever on the team and a good # 3 pitcher, and the guy selling beer behind the visitors dugout (if he remembers to spill a few on them). no one esle on this list is deserving.

BTW; I found an interesting quote on whereby Valdez is projected to be the backup CF this year. IS there anywhere this guy can’t play?

Dykstra….? You’ve obviously lost your mind. And yes, we didn’t ask.

I already voted for Konstanty at #1, and I think it’s a crime that he isn’t in yet, he should have been in 30 years ago.

And this is definitely a weak crop of nominees. There’s got to be some better old-timers to consider, whoever puts this together for the Phils needs to do some deeper research.

I’ve voted Konstanty #1 for a couple of years now. It won’t matter because most phans never even heard of him. They should just bypass this charade and put him in already.
I voted Wise and Christenson #2 and #3. Wise shouldn’t be punished for being a pretty good pitcher on a bad team, and I know Larry. He was a solid contributor through the success in the 70’s and early 80’s, and never played for anybody else. A Phillie for life.

I agree with you on Konstanty as #1, but why did it take you so long. I’ve been voting for Jim Konstanty for years and also my favorite manager Gene Mauch. Why isn’t Gene Mauch out on “The Wall” ? He is one of the truly great managers who took a poor team and turned them into a group of over achievers who almost got to the “promised land” . …oh thats the problem Phillies 1964 dive! Bunning, Callison, Allen, Short, Taylor are on “The Wall” and Gene should be out there. It’s sad that he never arrived on “The Wall” during his lifetime. He needs to be on next year’s ballot. How in the world does John Vukovich deserve to be out there. I give you that Vuk was “a nice guy”, long time coach, and executive etc. but on that criteria The Carpenter family (eg. R.M. or Ruly) should be hung up also on “The Wall”. I think it’s sets a bad precedent to toss the rules for “The Wall” everytime a beloved Phillie dies like Vuk or Harry K. . Don’t get be wrong Kalas will get there on his own legendary career.

Admittedly my knowledge of the Phillies history really only goes back as far as I can remember (late 70’s to present). And it wasn’t until the 93 team that I really paid attention. Not that I’m gonna vote, but if I did I would go with Curt Schilling, Jim Fregosi, and John Kruk. Schilling has the numbers to prove it. Kruk I think for me will always define that 93 team: big, blue collar, and a love of the game. Fregosi gets it because he managed to, for one magical season, manage all of those colorful personalities and lead the team to the WS. Plus he’s a nice guy. As much as I loved Lenny back then, knowing what I know now (PED use, how much of a scum bag he is), I can’t vote for him.

Curt Schilling should be banned from the wall for life!! anyone who wanted out of Philly as bad as he did doesn’t deserve to be on our wall. Let him go up on Boston’s wall if they want him

f.i.j.: Christensen? Sure, let’s make a Wall of Fame for #3 starters.

As far as Schilling, I suspect that most of you won’t vote for him because you don’t like him. Consider this:
101-78 in 8+ seasons with the Phils, a 3.35 ERA, 1.12 WHIP and 8.4 K per 9 innings.
His 0.99 WHIP and 6.6 strikeouts per 9 innings led the NL in 1992. He led the league in strikeouts in ’97 and ’98. His 8 complete games led the league in 1996. In 1998 he led the NL in strikeouts, innings pitched and complete games.
Maybe all of that doesn’t add up to an MVP award, but it’s a good start. Plus, his post-season record.
He might be a jack***, but you can’t dispute his accomplishments. That’s why I’m surprised to see that he was omitted from so many of your ballots.

And Zo, the entertainment factor should be your last consideration. Otherwise, let’s just put Jay Johnstone in.

Not Schilling…He was ok as a player, but had zero charisma. I never felt any real commitment from him to the Phillies family. The Phillies were just a paycheck to him. I would lobby for Jim Fregosi. He was a great manager. So he didn’t win the ’93 series. Hey, we’ve forgiven “Wild Thing” haven’t we?🙂

rmadara: I thought it was called the Wall of Fame, not the Wall of Charisma.
Where was the Phillies’ committment in the late 90s when they were running guys like Rico Brogna, Desi Relaford, Alex Arias, Ron Gant, Midre Cummings and Mark Lewis out there behind him?
Meanwhile, Curt still managed to win 15 games in 1998 and 17 in 1997 and 15 in 1999.
You must be too young to remember what a miserable time that was to be a Phillies fan, and what a shining light Schilling was amid the flurry of second-division finishes and the distant hope of a .500 season.

Those were the days – lucky for us. You guys are going to be disappointed when they put his plaque up there next to Ashburn, Kalas and McGraw.

Fan in Jerusalem: The only place Valdez can’t play is in the batter’s box. Since he’s a shortstop by trade, I imagine he could probably even be a decent (as far as converted utility infielders go) relief pitcher. Don’t trust him with wood in his hands, though.

phillibuster: If he could hit he wouldn’t be a super utility guy, but a starting SS somewhere. He’s the ultimate guy for us off the bench-no matter where he plays (even RP) he gets the job done with the glove and holds his own at the plate (just don’t lket him hit with a guy on first-lol) By having him we don’t need to carry a guy on the roster to play CF as a back up to Shane, or another infielder. This allows us to carry a 25th guy to just sit around (like the rule 5 pickup)

As for wall of fame- it is for great players. I don’t only equate that wqith their stats, but attitude, fan appeal, and overall “Philli-ness”. LC definately meets those requirements. Schilling wanted to leave, let him go and find a differnt wall to hang on

I don’t think I have ever commented on Zo’s blog before, but as a long time fan of Schilling I feel as though I must. I voted for Konstanty, Schilling, and Kruk.

In terms of Schilling- In those days there did not seem to be a committment to winning from the organization, and in many ways I saw Schilling’s comments and actions reflective of how I was feeling as a fan…I don’t blame him for wanting to leave to a team that was contending, and I wish we had pursued him when he campaigned to come back to Philly at the time he went to Boston.

I agree that Schilling deserves it. I hate the guy on a personal level due to his evangelical christian rightwing political views, but you can’t ignore his stats. In addition, I can’t blame anyone for wanting to level the Phillies back then, especially a pitcher. Their careers are so short, time is precious and to spend it with a team who’s ownership showed NO sign of being willing to spend money to make it better, what are you gonna do? Remember if it wasn’t for him, in the 93 series we would have gone down 4-1 instead of 4-2.

deb, I was at the game in ’93 when Schilling shut out the Bluejays 2-0. One of the best pitched games I ever saw. Bluejays didn’t get a runner to 2B until the 8th inning when Schilling pitched out of a jam. Had great seats behind homeplate and sat right next to Tony LaRussa. I even got on TV when Jim Grey came around to interview him. Unbelievable night.
My feelings about Schilling have gone back and forth over the years and, I have to admit, my reasons for not liking him are more personal than they are about baseball. He’s obviously worthy of the wall but I just don’t like the guy.

Other than he’s a parent of a child with Autism (as am I), his personality is a bit grating. However his baseball stats are what should qualifies him for the WOF.

Fan in Jerusalem: Don’t get me wrong, I like Valdez as a backup… But a lot of folks are looking at him with glasses tinted -beyond- rose. He was good in the field, which was especially important to us given who we lost to injury, but he wasn’t in any sense an upgrade. It’s silly to hear all these folks talk about how we should replace JRol with him (especially considering the fact that Valdez is older, and he had more playing time last year than in the entire rest of his career combined), just because they can’t remember some of the problems he caused.

Phllibuster: I agree. he’s not the next coming of Jesus and not an everyday Starter, but as a super utility guy he’s in the top of his class!! WHen looking for a backup you look for a great glove. We have guys on the bench who can hit (GLoad, Mayberry, JR, Francisco/Brown)–and if we want a HR we can always bat Blanton lol

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