Phillies Have Sold 3.3 Million Tickets

The Phillies sold more than 70,000 tickets today, the first day single-game tickets went on sale.

Fifteen games are sold out.

More than 3.3 million tickets have been sold.

(Compare that to last season when the Phillies had sold roughly 2.8 million tickets at this point.)

“It’s amazing,” Phillies vice president of sales and ticket operations John Weber said. “It all started with what’s going on with the team and adding Cliff Lee to the mix.”

So how many seats are available for each of the 66 remaining games? Weber said anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000.

“It’s limited, but there are still tickets available,” Weber said. “Last year we sold out every game, but we had tickets available for a lot of games two or three weeks before a game. It’s such a quicker pace. We have so few tickets left to sell at this point, I would expect those tickets selling heading into March.”


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I bought 39 of them! Hard to believe only 15 games are sold out, so far. Guess that means they’ll be releasing more tix, later.

I’m so happy this is the year I decided to get a partial Season plan!

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