The Top 100 Players in Baseball

IMG_0359.JPGMLB Network has been running its top 100 players in baseball, and the Phillies are well represented with seven players.

Let’s work from the bottom up:

82. Shane Victorino
71. Cole Hamels
51. Roy Oswalt
31. Cliff Lee
26. Chase Utley
25. Ryan Howard
2. Roy Halladay

Albert Pujols is the top-ranked player in baseball. Falling behind Halladay in the top 10 are Joe Mauer, Miguel Cabrera, Felix Hernandez, Tim Lincecum, Adrian Gonzalez, Robinson Cano, Ryan Braun and Josh Hamilton.


Heard the weather is a bit nippy back in Philly. It’s 73 degrees already at 10 a.m. in Clearwater. Get down here.


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That list has a glaring omission: Carlos Ruiz (only one of the top 3 catchers in baseball, though #1 imho!)

Todd, you’re such a tease. You know, we normal everyday fans can only read and watch reports on Spring Training. Your pics have helped. We’ll be lucky if we can get tix to watch them play during regular season ( although I did get tix– SRO). Say hi to the guys for us. We’ll be rooting for them and can’t wait to get the regular season underway. We’re holding the fort back in Philly for them.

Ugh. Tim Lincecum is way overrated in my mind. Plays in a huge ballpark and was way too inconsistent in 2010. Great pitcher, but sixth best player in all of baseball? Get real. Especially with Cliff Lee at 31. That’s a joke.

An obvious omission is Chooch. Certainly one of the best catchers in baseball.

How did Robinson Cano and Ryan Braun make the top 10? Cliff Lee at 31? Bogus.

I love Carlos, but when you factor in outfielders and pitchers, being a catcher – top 3 or not – doesn’t get you near the top 100 overall. Besides, there are plenty of catcher rankings that don’t list Carlos in the top 1o. Posey, McCann, Victor Martinez, Mauer, Santana, Soto … etc. all come before Carlos on most independent lists.

zodiak: If you don’t know how Cano and Braun made the top 100, you’d better start watching baseball.

myname989: So, how does striking out 231 and walking 76 in 212 innings factor into pitching in a “big ballpark?” Ballpark size is another weak argument. How did Halladay win the Cy Young Award pitching at “hitter friendly” CBP?

Broaden your scope. I’d suggest subscribing to the MLB package on cable. Watch games from the American League and something other than the Phillies every night. It’s eye-opening.

Tim Lincecum has been in the league a total of 4 years and has 2 Cy Young awards and has led the league in SO’s for three years running. He’s pretty darn good.

I watch a lot of baseball and I still think there’s a lot more deserving players than those two.

I can understand the excitement in Philly over your starting rotation, but in this year’s playoffs, the Giants beat: Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt (in relief), and Lee (TWICE in the World Series). How ANYONE can question Lincecum is beyond me. I suggest an NLCS rematch is likely this year, unless, of course, the Giants and Philly face one another in an earlier round, in which case the Giants will be forced to compete for the NLCS against another team!😉

Sorry randallebrown, but that Phillies/Giants series goes in a completely different direction if Cody Ross doesn’t hit 2 HR’s against Roy Halladay. If the Phillies go to SF up 2-0, there is no way they lose that series. I highly doubt Cody Ross will hit 2 HR’s in the same game again against anybody, let alone Roy Halladay.
The Giants caught lightning in a bottle against the Phillies, but it won’t happen again. They still have the same scrub lineup (outside of Posey) that they had last year. You better win your division first before you start counting playoff wins.

Huge Phils fan here and I understand the importance of Ruiz to the team but you homers have to realize something. There are many catchers better than Ruiz. Lemme name a few: Mauer, Martinez, McCann, Posey, Wieters, Soto, Napoli, and Molina are definitely better than Ruiz. Carlos may be a top 10 catcher in 2011 but if he is he’s #9 or #10.

Ruiz is one of the top 3 catchers in baseball the momment you forget about the fantasy game where only offensive stats count. Ruiz plays defence, and manages a pitching staff better then almost anyone. His hitting is good, if not for power. The fantasy lists (and I play the game, too) have no worth in the real world. think this way, if you could trade Ruiz straight up for any other catcher, who would you take? Posey? Santana? The only one I would take is Mauer. None of the other guys you mention Ibut can play D at all

f-i-j, I love Ruiz, but don’t be a homer. Posey is going to be MVP material during his career. He’s already taken over a leadership role for the WS champs in a half season.

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